Victoria’s Secrets Lingerie Size Size Comparison

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Victoria’s Lingerie is one of the representative brands of sexy women’s underwear. Its design is unique and reasonable, and is widely sought after and loved.If you want to buy Victoria’s Secrets and Instead, you must first understand the size of the size and size in order to choose the most suitable size.

Size classification of Victoria’s Secrets Instead

The size of Victoria’s Secrets Loves is divided into three types: American size, European size, British size.Among them, the American size is two size larger than the European standard size, while the British size is between the two.

Comparison table of American size

The American size of Victoria’s Lover’s underwear is as follows: as follows:

American size Upper bust (CM) Breal (CM)
32A 81 68 ~ 72
34A 86 73 ~ 77
36A 91 78 ~ 82
32B 83 68 ~ 72
34B 88 73 ~ 77
36B 93 78 ~ 82
32C 86 68 ~ 72
34C 91 73 ~ 77
36C 96 78 ~ 82

European size comparison table

The European size of Victoria’s Lingerie is as follows: as follows:

European size Upper bust (CM) Breal (CM)
70A 83 68 ~ 72
75A 88 73 ~ 77
80A 93 78 ~ 82
70B 85 68 ~ 72
75B 90 73 ~ 77
80B 95 78 ~ 82
70C 88 68 ~ 72
75C 93 73 ~ 77
80C 98 78 ~ 82

Comparison table of British size

The British size of Victoria’s Secrets Lover is as follows:

British size Upper bust (CM) Breal (CM)
32A 81 68 ~ 72
34A 86 73 ~ 77
36A 91 78 ~ 82
32B 81 68 ~ 72
34B 86 73 ~ 77
36B 91 78 ~ 82
32C 86 68 ~ 72
34C 91 73 ~ 77
36C 96 78 ~ 82

How to choose the right size

To choose the most suitable size, you must first measure your upper and lower busts.During the measurement, you should stand upright, put your arms on both sides of the body, and gently use the tape measures to measure horizontally under the chest and the most plump breasts to obtain the most accurate body size data.


When buying Victoria’s Secret Interests, you need to pay attention to the following points:

The size is for reference only, and the actual size may be different due to factors such as brands, goods, and human structure;

Different styles of underwear will also have different sizes. You should check the size table in the product information carefully, and choose the size suitable for you according to the specific situation;

After wearing, you should check whether the underwear has discomfort in the breast and back.If you feel uncomfortable, you need to replace the appropriate size underwear in time to protect chest health.


The sizes of Victoria’s Secrets Lingerie are more complicated. When buying, you need to carefully measure the body size, and carefully understand the size tables and related precautions in the product information.Only by choosing a suitable size of underwear can we achieve good sexy and comfortable effects.I hope this article can help you choose the size of Victoria’s Secret Love underwear correctly, wearing confidence and sexy!

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