Very shameful, sexy underwear novel collection

Very shameful, sexy underwear novel collection

1. The secret of a girl

She was lying on the bed and wearing a black lace sexy underwear, she felt her body suddenly became hot.Although she was shy in public, at this moment, she wanted to make herself more distorted and wild.She wrapped herself in a bear’s blanket and began to do shameful things.

2. Surprise of the physics teacher

A physics teacher worked at her latest lace sexy underwear.In fact, frankly, this was the first time she tried to do this.However, when she entered the classroom, she found that her colleagues and students were surprised by her new style.She did not admit that she was intentional.

3. Surprise to her husband

When she went home, she found her husband waiting for her in front of the door.She was accustomed to wearing sexy underwear, so this time she used a lace sexy underwear as a surprise.That night, they had the craziest sex night.

4. The fascination of the beach girl

She wore a white suspender sex underwear strolling by the sea.Suddenly she realized that on this remote beach, she could become anything she wanted.She jumped into the sea and enjoyed her true identity.

5. Tokyo Night Story

This is a Tokyo weekend night. A young woman wore a black short skirt with lace -containing underwear, walking lightly lightly in the bar in a luxury hotel.She attracted the attention of the man present, but she would eventually put this night in memory.

6. Father’s new girlfriend

In his father’s BMW car, he saw that his father’s new girlfriend was wearing a sexy underwear to adjust himself.She is friendly to others, but he also feels a strong sense of depression, and feels that this is the love relationship he needs.

7. Perfect rulers

If there is a queen, she will definitely wear a noble sexy underwear.She will turn her palace apartment into a perfect world of rulers.Everyone is awe of her and has a deep respect for her power.

8. Emotion caused by sparks

She wore a black transparent skirt and black underwear to participate in a party.She encountered a man, wearing simple, trendy, fashionable costumes.They attracted each other, and he found that her underwear was the sexiest at this dinner.

9. Sexy blonde girl

She was wearing a white sexy underwear woven with lace to dance at the rock concert, which attracted the attention of all the people around.The men looked at her, and she felt the charm of endlessness, and she felt that she had always received attention.

10. The mysterious sexy of the girl dancer

She is a dancer who is trying his clothes and finding a sexy underwear that suits herself.She put on a gauze skirt with gauze without straps and hollowed out, and began to dance her ballet.When she dances, her sexy is eye -catching, and people can even hear her breathing sound.


Shame and sexy underwear can be a tool that makes a person distort and crazy, and it can also be a tool that makes a person more confident and powerful.In any case, this underwear often hit many strong and unexpected feelings.Therefore, we need to learn how to enjoy these feelings and let them release them appropriately.

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