Vellet erotic underwear armed set


We now live in an era that pays attention to taste and pay attention to the quality of life.People have also become higher and higher in pursuing comfort and aesthetics.And sexy buttocks, charming adult sexy underwear is the fashion representative of this era.Today, I would like to introduce a five -piece colorful lingerie of sexy lingerie to you, which will definitely meet your requirements for the pursuit of high -quality life.

Five -piece content

This veil’s sexy underwear includes five -piece sets: masks, underwear, gloves, G strings and waist skirts.The mask can cover part of the face, and underwear and waist skirts are transparent and sexy design, allowing everyone to look at your body.Gloves can help you better grasp the atmosphere of interest, and G Strings directly expose your sexy hips.

Mask design

The mask in this five -piece set is also very good. It uses a thin material, and the upper part of the mask is designed with a silk mesh, light and breathable.This kind of mask is a double surprise for many women, because it can cover some parts of the face, but also show the mysterious temperament of women, and increase the charm of sexy underwear to a certain extent.

Underwear style

As one of the most attractive components in the five -piece suit, the style of the underwear should also be attractive.This style of underwear uses complex lace and meticulous gauze design to make the figure more sexy and charming and increase the charm of women.At the same time, it also uses up and down design, which allows you to show your bodybuilding carcass and slender waist at will.

Gloves and g string

The gloves of this sexy underwear use the equally seductive transparent satin material, which can emphasize your fiber hand and beautiful arm lines.G string also uses the same material, but shows your sexy small waist and hips.

Waist skirt

The correct waist skirt can add a lot of charm for you.This tight waist skirt revealed that a low -cut design can be worn by women with big breasts.In particular, the tight waist design can make your waist more stylish, highlighting your perfect figure.And it is also a good choice with other underwear alone.

The advantages of sexy underwear

The five -piece set of five -piece lingerie in the veil is unique, stylish in style, and bright colors, which is very suitable for women who want to show the beauty of nature and style.This sexy underwear is definitely the best choice for the sex set. It can stimulate women’s courage, make people have a mysterious and charming effect, and design well -carved, full of wisdom and sexy women. I believe you will not missEssence

Five -piece set matching technique

How to match these five -piece set?We can choose to add a silk robe or other perspective short coats to create a stunning clothing style.In addition, wearing high heels, perfectly showing our figure and leg shape, making ourselves more beautiful on the street.


When wearing a set of erotic underwear, pay attention to hygiene, so before wearing, please wash and keep clean, so as to fully reflect the pure and sexy side of the sexy underwear.

Wild sex lingerie -last step

Wearing sexy underwear can bring different experiences to two people.Maintain a attitude of not strabismus and respect for each other, making your performance show charming or wild.What to do can add a goodness to couples, which requires you to discuss together and leave good memories.


In general, this kind of facial sexy underwear is a must -have for fashion and sexy.Whether it is to increase the taste of life or to make your sex life more versatile, you can choose this five -piece set to satisfy your wishes.It is hoped that this article will help readers when choosing sexy underwear.

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