Vacuum in sexy underwear


The sexy underwear has attracted the attention of many women with its unique design and material.The most popular sexy underwear is the sexy lingerie in vacuum.

What is a sexy lingerie in vacuum?

The sexy underwear on the vacuum is a colorful underwear made of multi -layer or transparent material, showing the contour underwear of the female body.The biggest feature is to show women’s natural skin color and line beauty.

Who is suitable for wearing a vacuum sexy underwear?

The sexy lingerie on the vacuum is focused on showing the beauty of women. Women who are born with good figure are naturally the first choice, but it does not mean that other women of other figures cannot be worn.As long as you are suitable for your own size, actively cooperate with maintenance methods, and be brave to try, it is feasible to self -confidence to wear temperament and beauty.

How to choose the size?

When buying a vacuum sexy underwear, you need to accurately measure the size of your body, including three points including bust, waist, and hip circumference.According to different brands, materials and styles, the size will be somewhat different, so pay special attention to the specific meaning of the size mark when choosing.

How to wear it?

Because the sexy underwear itself has a high visual impact, it does not require too fancy matching skills in the way of dressing.You can choose a chest -wrapped top or skirt to highlight sexy elements, or use coats, short external wear and other methods to increase the sense of layering to avoid too thin feeling.

How to match underwear?

Vacuum sexy underwear is usually not paired with traditional underwear. Choose sexy underwear and other sexy underwear.In order to coordinate the overall aesthetics, the color of the underwear can be the same or similar to the underwear to enhance the visual effect.

How to correctly wear a vacuum and sexy underwear?

When wearing a vacuum erotic underwear, you need to pay special attention to details to avoid embarrassment to cause improper wear.First of all, you must choose the right size to ensure that the degree and transparency of the underwear will not destroy the appearance.Secondly, you need to pay attention to the details of the underwear, such as loose straps, shoulder straps, etc., all should be adjusted to the right position to ensure that the entire flower beauty details are in place.

What kind of women are not suitable for wearing?

Although the sexy underwear is more open and sexy on the vacuum, it is not suitable for all women to wear.For example, people who have chronic cardiopulmonary disease, skin allergies or are not good at controlling their emotions are suitable for wearing.It is also appropriate to wear a mentality. If you are not sensitive to sexy, you may not be easy to feel comfortable when you go out.

How to maintain a sexy lingerie in vacuum?

In the vacuum sexy underwear, because the material is more delicate, so pay special attention in maintenance.Don’t put in direct sunlight or humid places to avoid losing texture.Hand washing is the best method. You can choose some professional underwear cleaner to avoid the infringement of ordinary cleaning agents.Drying or machine washing is not recommended.

The price of sexy underwear in vacuum?

Vacuum sexy underwear is generally produced by high -quality underwear brands, and the price is relatively high.Generally, the company’s prices are above 300 yuan.However, it is also feasible to buy cost -effective sexy underwear through e -commerce channels such as Taobao and

in conclusion

Vacuum sexy underwear is a relatively special underwear style that is suitable for women with well -sized and sexy and confident.In the process of buying, wearing, maintenance, etc., you must choose and operate according to your own situation to fully reflect the aesthetic and sexy elements represented by the sexy underwear in vacuum.

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