Usually people buy sexy underwear, know how to know

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a unique design and aimed at improving sexual happiness.They are usually equipped with a variety of decorations and micro -items, such as lace, mesh fabric, ribbon and bow, etc., and also equipped with branches, bottom pants, suspenders, lace gloves, etc.More attractive atmosphere.

Falling underwear design

The design of sexy underwear is unique because they aim to improve sexual happiness and increase interest and fun in the relationship.Therefore, they usually use standard underwear sizes and shapes, plus sexy decoration and micro -objects, which can better show women’s body curves, and can also make women feel more confident and sexy.

The purpose of buying sex underwear

From a design point of view, emotional underwear aims to stimulate and improve sexual happiness, so they are usually used as part of romantic and sexy date.Unlike traditional underwear, the fashionable and sexy sexy underwear has enhanced the self -confidence of women’s hearts, because after wearing them, they can show their sexy and most beautiful side.

Is sexy underwear suitable for ordinary people?

Although sexy underwear is usually used for special romantic dates, emotional underwear is not exactly designed for some special occasions.Their design can also meet the needs of daily underwear.In fact, sexy underwear is more comfortable, more practical and more sexy than traditional underwear in some cases.

Falling underwear material

Sex underwear usually uses soft materials, such as linen cloth, cotton, etc., and also uses smooth materials such as silk.However, there are also some sexy underwear using different plastic products and materials similar to rubber swimsuit.

Welling underwear cleaning method

The way to clean sex underwear is basically similar to cleaning traditional underwear.You can use the washing powder instead of the laundry solution. Do not clean it with too hot water or dry it with a dryer.At the same time, when choosing a cleaning method, you also need to choose the corresponding cleaning method according to the texture and material of the sexy underwear.

What is the difference between the size of the sex underwear and the size of the traditional underwear?

The size of the sexy underwear is similar to the traditional underwear size, usually determined according to comprehensive factors such as bust, height and weight.Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is recommended to buy sexy underwear with the same conventional size.However, it should be noted that because sexy underwear is usually designed with more subtle design, it may be small on the size, so we must comprehensively consider the size factors when purchasing.

Spring underwear price

Interest underwear is usually about 100-600 yuan, and the price is usually depending on their design, use and materials used.However, when buying sexy underwear, quality should be used as the primary consideration, and the price should be followed.After all, buying an excellent sexy underwear will be more comfortable, sexy and durable.

Suitable for people who buy sexy underwear

Interest underwear is suitable for all women, especially women who want to increase sexual happiness and enhance self -confidence.It is also a good choice for couples who want to increase quality, interest and romance.Of course, there are also some men who buy sexy underwear for their girlfriends or wives, and those who are engaged in the adult service industry will buy sexy underwear to enhance the corporate image.

Solution of sexy underwear

If you want to add imagination and more interests in sexual life, sexy underwear is a good solution.Of course, when choosing, pay attention to quality and personality to ensure that the sexy underwear you buy meets your needs and expectations.


Interest underwear is a kind of lingerie increase.Although they are more fully coordinated in design, they are also a good alternative to some people and some occasions.Therefore, as long as you choose excellent quality sexy underwear and use on the right occasions, you can get more fun and happiness.

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