Use silk scarf. How to make sexy underwear

Use silk scarf. How to make sexy underwear

Interest underwear has always been a symbol of sexy, romantic and mysterious. The clever combination of a few scarves can make a sexy sexy underwear. Let’s learn together today.

Choose the right silk scarf

For silk scarves that need to make sexy underwear, you first need to buy suitable silk scarves. It is recommended to choose good quality, soft and moderate scarf.Silk scarfs such as silk, sexy lace or transparent tulle, pay attention to the color selection to coordinate with the skin color to achieve the best visual effect.

Make BRA

First, a long scarf is wrapped from the back, and then the front part is fixed to the back, and the two ports are fixed, so that bra is completed.This method is not only comfortable, but also full of sexy.

Make three -point formula

Cross the same color and size of the two sides to the waist, and fix it behind the neck into a triangle. This method of making is very comfortable. Even when wearing it for a long time, women rarely feel uncomfortable.

Make crotch cloth

Need a thicker silk scarf, first surround the waist, overlap it to the navel, and then cross the scarf on the waist to form a crotch cloth. It is very suitable for some women who like fluffy.

Make T -pants

A long scarf surrounds the waist, try to hold the cross -crossing of the legs as much as possible, and then pull out a part of the hips, tie the scarf behind the waist like a bow, and become a T -shaped pants.This kind of sexy underwear is very tempting, but you need to pay attention not to wear too long.

Make bra and panties

First surround a scarf around the back, cross overlap, pull the two ends to the front, tie them into a bow, then use a long scarf to surround the waist, and pull it from the back to the belly button.Stretch your shoulders outward, and then tie tightly when you need it.This method has both sexy bra and comfortable underwear.

Make a suspender skirt

Two silk scarves need to cross the narrow silk scarf on the waist to form a "V" shape, cross the two sides to the navel, and then connect it on the back with another long scarf.Become a suspender skirt.

Make a bundle chest strap

First, a long silk scarf is around the back, and then pull the back to the back through the shoulder position from the front, and tighten the ends of the back.This beam of chest strap can play a good package, sexy and comfortable.

Make long sling pajamas

Make a transparent pajamas with underwear and sling together, and feels romantic and sexy.This sexy underwear is suitable for both wearing in the bedroom or wearing on a party.


Make sexy underwear with silk scarves can not only meet personal needs, but also reflect women’s love and pursuit of beauty. Especially when it is matched with suitable body underwear and skin care products, women will also exude unique charm.It is recommended to pay attention to moderate when using sexy underwear, especially in companies and public places, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment and adverse effects.

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