Two let me wear sexy underwear

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?This is a problem that many women often encounter, and I have experienced it.But now, I am already able to master the skills and elements of wearing sexy lingerie.In this article, I shared my two gold standards in the process of wearing a sexy underwear, hoping to help you who love beauty.

1. Can’t choose in the color

Color is part of the clothes, but in sexy underwear, the choice of color is even more important.When choosing the color of sexy underwear, don’t just consider the style and preferences, but consider your skin color more.For women with lighter skin tone, light or neutral color will be more suitable, such as pink, tender white, beige and gray.Women with darker skin should choose dark or bright colors, such as red, black and dark purple.

2. The size must be accurate

The importance of wearing sex underwear, the importance of the size cannot be ignored.In addition to uncomfortable underwear, it will also affect blood circulation and cause unnecessary health problems. Too large underwear will weaken the function of moisture absorption, sweating and support.Different brands have different sizes. In order to wear underwear more comfortably, it is recommended to find a suitable size by measuring the body first.During the measurement, remember to measure the three important parameters of the lower bust, the lower bust, and the shoulder spacing, so as to accurately estimate the size.

3. Select the style as needed

There are many styles of erotic underwear, such as bras, underwear, suspenders, socks, etc. Each type arranges multiple styles according to different design.We need to choose which model to be worn according to our own needs. For example, in daily life, comfortable and leisure styles will be more popular; and in special occasions, more sexy styles can be more attractive.

4. The fabric determines the experience

Fabric is one of the important factors that affect the comfort of sexy underwear.Different fabrics have different characteristics, such as silk, lace, cotton, and nylon, each with its own special comfort and breathable effect.We should also choose fabrics with good breathability and soft texture, so that the body can be better cared for in the process of wearing underwear.

5. Seasonal requirements must be considered

Seasons are also one of the important factors for choosing sexy underwear, and you can choose according to seasonal requirements.In summer, underwear should focus on the breathability and sweat absorption effect to reduce discomfort and infection caused by sweat; and in winter underwear should be given more consideration to keep warm, and do not forget to keep the skin care.

6. Refer to other people’s suggestions, but cannot be fully dependent

The wearing of sexy underwear is biased towards personalization, and everyone’s taste, temperament and figure are different.Therefore, it is recommended to refer to other people’s experience in the choice of sexy underwear, but it cannot be fully dependent.To consider your own taste and comfort as the first consideration, continuously explore the underwear style and the opportunity to wear it.

7. Don’t be limited to a single style

There are many different styles of erotic underwear, such as small freshness, sexy European and American.We should not be limited to wearing only our favorite style underwear, because trying new styles and styles will make ourselves full of freshness and passion.

8. Should be washed

Sex underwear needs more care.Ordinary washing machines are difficult to achieve due care effects, so it is recommended to wash underwear.The process is very simple. You only need to clean the underwear with water and detergent, and then put it in a cool and dry place to dry.It should be noted that avoid using a cleaning agent containing high oxygen bleach, because bleaching agents will destroy the fabrics of the underwear and affect the service life.

9. Store in the right place

Interesting underwear is stored in special attention.We need to find a clean, ventilated, and avoid direct sunlight to store underwear.In addition, the underwear is best separately stored separately for easy search and use.

10. The role of underwear is for yourself

In the end, we should remind everyone that wearing erotic underwear is not just to cater to the eyes of others, the most important thing is for their own comfort and self -confidence.We wear sex underwear to show our beauty and beauty and wear them for ourselves.

Perhaps wearing erotic underwear, to some extent, is sexual expression, but it should not be bound by traditional concepts and social opinion.We only need to follow the above criteria and choose a sexy underwear that suits us to become more confident and charming.

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