Two -dimensional sex underwear hip hip welfare map

Introduction: What is two -dimensional sexy underwear?

With the prevalence of second -dimensional culture, two -dimensional sexy underwear has also become a major popularity.Two -dimensional sexy underwear is usually made from some two -dimensional characters or elements as design inspiration.These underwear design is unique, unique, and has a strong visual impact. It is the favorite of many two -dimensional enthusiasts.One of the more popular designs is hip -raising underwear, let’s take a look at it together.

Two -dimensional sex underwear hip hip welfare map

Hip -rising underwear, the name is already very vivid, and its design focuses on hip -hip.We have chosen some popular hip -up underwear to provide you with two -dimensional sex lingerie welfare map.

Character COS sexy underwear

Character COS sexy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear that is very popular with young people. It uses the character in the second dimension as the design inspiration and adds sex elements.Among them, some characters COS erotic underwear also has the design of hips, especially those sexy female characters.Two cute rabbit ears, lace lace and small bow can give people a sweet and sexy feeling. If they are equipped with a hip, it will make people more exciting.

Small fresh style hip -up underwear

The design of the small fresh -style hip -up underwear is simple and fresh, the color is light, and it highlights the lyrical feeling.The commonly used fabrics are cotton and silk, making the wearer feel light, natural and soft.The small fresh -style buttocks underwear is designed with delicate and delicate, making people want to watch its design experience closely.In the design elements, simple and soft patterns are often used to embellish a little sequin, which makes people feel elegant and harmonious.

Kimono -type buttocks underwear

The biggest feature of a kimono -type underwear is that it combines Japanese traditional kimono style when designing the appearance.However, kimono -type underwear is not limited to Japanese kimono style, but also can integrate cultural elements of Chinese and Western.They generally use soft fabrics such as lace, silk, cotton and linen, decorated with sequins, rhinestones and other decorations. The design is simple and elegant, and the feel is comfortable. It feels very comfortable and comfortable when wearing.

Loli style and fun underwear

Loli style and fun underwear are inspired by girls. The overall design style is sweet and pleasant, and the style of painting is fresh, reflecting a youthful characteristics.For those who like loli style, hip -hip underwear is also a choice that cannot be missed.Some loli underwear design is more kawaii, like a white or pink bunny, which makes people can’t help but want to touch its little tail.

Sexy leather hip lingerie

Sexy leather hip -up underwear is the best in heavyweight underwear.Black or dark red is the mainstream color of this type of underwear. The outline of heavy ink -colored lines is generally highlights in the design. This design will bring people a mysterious and mature feeling.In addition, accessories such as metal buckles and rivets on the underwear give people a very shocking feeling, and this scene still appears in some popular film and television works.The hip -lifting design is also a classic of sexy leather buttocks, which makes people look more hip -hip curvature.

Princess style dirt

The princess style and fun underwear is a sexy underwear designed by the princess as the inspiration. It is usually made of ceramic lace, lace puffs and other materials and decorations, gold silk satin, etc., with exquisite appearance and beautiful appearance, showing a sweet look.The princess and fun underwear also adopt a brighter and gorgeous design on the colors and connections. The tight belts and hip -lifting designs in the middle can make this underwear show beautiful lines and charming in daily wear.curve.

Super hero style sexy underwear

Super heroic and fun underwear often adopts the form of upper and lower sets, which will reflect the image of the superhero.This sexy underwear is amazing and unique. They usually design a special structure with hip -lifting and chest support.And it reveals a very individual temperament. It is very imposing on the body, which is also reminiscent of a famous superhero.

Low waist hip underwear

The design of the low -waist hip underwear is at the hem. The hem has a more loose design. Compared with other parts, it often looks much easier.This design is highly hip -lifting, making the hips and buttocks more prominent, giving a sexy and lazy feeling.Due to this unique design, the low -waist -lip -hip underwear wearing needs to be paired with a pair of safe underwear, so that the hips can show a better effect.

Belt hip underwear

The belt hip -up underwear is placed on the underwear as an element designed by the hip -lifting, emphasizing the hip lines, and pulling out the curve change of the swaying posture.The belt materials mainly include leather, PU, and hook buckle vests. Different materials, colors and styles have different effects.The belt hip underwear is on the body, giving a very special feeling, because it is not a conventional sexy underwear, and wantonly play a unique design inspiration.


Two -dimensional sexy underwear hip -hip welfare map presents a series of vivid two -dimensional underwear. They are inspired by second -dimensional culture, focusing on the perfect combination of details and texture, injecting unlimited creativity and characteristics into the underwear design.They are diverse, sexy and unique, making people unable to ignore their achievements.And these are not only praise for sexy underwear, but also affirmation of design concepts and realization.

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