Top 10 of the Fun underwear Brand Ranking List


Xiao Si Qiufeng and cold rain are reminding women to pay attention to their health in the cold weather, because warmth is not only clothes, but also underwear, especially sexy underwear.As early as 2019, the new crown virus epidemic raging the world, and the sales of sexy underwear increased rapidly, becoming a special choice for some women. In 2020-2021, the advantages of the quality, design, and innovation of sexy underwear brands have been widely recognized.Very high feedback.Therefore, the top ten sex underwear brands in the following are based on merchants and customers.

First place: Victoria’s Secret

As one of the world’s most famous underwear brands, the popularity of "Victoria’s Secret" underwear is beyond doubt.This is a American company, which mainly produces sexy underwear, pajamas and beauty products.The design of the brand has the specialty and sexy elements of women, and has become an essential brand in the daily life of American women.

Second place: Leine Dai Si

French brand Renistes is one of the most famous brands, creating an incredibly exquisite product.Because of its high -quality titanium and silk materials, and exquisite embroidery and soft ribbon, it has made it one of the favorite brands of global fashion women.

Third place: gorgeous Chanel

Chanel is a luxurious brand with its own independent charm.The brand integrates high -grade underwearwear and personality design. It uses top -level high -quality fabrics, combined with various fashion elements, full of women’s charm and self -confidence.

Fourth place: Sephora

Sephora is a company from Germany. Adhering to the concept of "innovation and intimateness", he has always won the trust and love of more consumers.The brand’s sales volume ranks first in the world, with affordable prices and unique design.

Fifth place: La Perla

La Perla is an Italian brand, based on word of mouth and quality, and is made of superb textile skills and exquisite craftsmanship.Its unique workmanship is incredible, and style has cleverly grasped women’s minds.


AUBADE is a French brand that belongs to Calvanna.AUBADE is a underwear brand known for carving culture and handicrafts. It has created a beautiful and intelligent image for modern women, and deeply tapped the core of women, humans and beauty.

Seventh place: triumph

Triumph is a brand of Germany, with its main features with innovative technology and overall care.The brand has top -quality uniforms, classic seamless Stainless Steelbra and soft fabrics. It uses innovative top -level technologies to provide women with high -tech guarantees such as non -slip and leak -proof.

Eighth place: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is not only British underwear brand, but also one of the most charming underwear brands in the world.It enjoys sufficient creative space and is known for challenging and emotional.Its well -known female artists have created an environment with both exploratory and delicateness.

Ninth place: CHANTELLE

ChanleLle is a brand from France. It was founded in 1927. It creates many concepts of traditional and classic underwear. For example, the invention of Hurricane Tr is born to cooperate with the lady’s new clothing style.The brand’s pursuit of high -quality products and high -quality craftsmanship won the love of women.

Tenth: Wacoal

Wacoal is also a Japanese brand, which is famous for its underwear, swimwear and other products.The brand advocates the concept of global women’s independence and modern lifestyles, showing the characteristics of courage, wisdom and enthusiasm for women.

in conclusion

The above is the top ten of the sex lingerie brand rankings. Each brand has its unique characteristics and market performance. The quality and design of these sexy underwear brands have been widely recognized by customers.Therefore, when choosing a product, you should choose the brand that suits you according to your needs and actual situation.

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