Three points of sexy underwear cheongsam conjoined exposed milk

Introduction: Three -point style of sexy underwear cheongsam conjoined stall exposed milk

With the progress of the times, sex culture has become more and more accepted and watched by the public, and sexy lingerie has risen.Sex underwear can make sex more exciting. Among them, the three -point dewl milk of cheongsam conjoosent is a particularly attractive erotic underwear.

Style introduction: cheongsam conjoined open -stall exposed milk three -point style

The three -point three -point style of cheongsam conjoin is a sexy sexy underwear. Its design inspiration comes from the traditional Chinese cheongsam, but it is more sexy than ordinary cheongsam.The whole underwear has only three points to cover, so that your body is fully displayed, and the design of the opening file is also used to make sex more convenient.

Color selection: black and red

The three -point three -point type of cheongsam conjoined stalls is generally available in black and red.Black feels mysterious and seductive feeling, suitable for women who have both confident personality and can hold the initiative in their own hands in sex; and red means enthusiasm, sexy, suitable for women who are open -person and try to try new things.Essence

Size selection: need to be tailored

Because the three -point tight design of the cheongsam conjoined exposed milk is used, it is necessary to refer to the personal body curve and customize.Tailor -made can ensure the comfort and beauty of the underwear, so you need to provide personal physical data when buying, or go directly to the professional sexy underwear store to try on the purchase.

Fabric selection: you can choose different materials of fabrics

Three -point fabric of cheongsam conjoined stalls can be selected, such as silk, lace, and so on.Different fabrics have different feel and comfort, and can be selected according to personal preferences.

Matching: you can match high heels and jewelry

Cheongsam conjoined open -stall exposed milk three -point style with high heels and jewelry can make you look more sexy and charming.High -heeled shoes can make the lines of the legs more slender, and jewelry can make you shine and attract eye -catching.

Use scene: Suitable for private sex places

Cheongsam conjoined open -stall exposed milk three -point style is suitable for wearing in private sex places, such as your bedroom or sex hotel room.Because this underwear is too sexy, it is definitely inappropriate to wear in public.

Maintenance method: better hand washing is better

Due to the exquisite fabrics of the three -point exposed breasts of cheongsam conjoined, they need to be carefully maintained.It is best to use hand washing instead of machine washing. Cleaning with cleaning products specializing in underwear. When drying, avoid directly exposure to the sun to avoid affecting the quality of the material.

Price and purchase method: The price is high, it is recommended to buy from a professional sexy underwear shop

The three -point price of cheongsam conjoined stalls is high, but its design and material are very particular, and it is worth buying at a certain price.It is recommended to buy a professional sexy underwear shop so that you can get a better purchase experience and guarantee.

Sexual Emotional Fun underwear market prospects

Now, as individuals attach importance to sex life and the continuous growth of demand, the market demand of sexy underwear is also increasing. In the future, the industry chain of the sex underwear market will continue to expand, especially like cheongsam connective stall exposed milk milk milk milk will be exposed.Three -point products with sexy atmosphere will inevitably be favored by more people.


Cheongsam conjoined open -stall exposed breasts not only have sexy charm, but also make your sex more irritating and convenient.Consider problems in color, size, fabric, matching, scenes, maintenance methods, etc. before purchasing, in order to choose the style and attributes that suits you best.There is also a point that you need to pay attention to. Try not to wear this underwear in public, so as not to have unnecessary embarrassment.

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