There are interesting underwear in Chongqing

There are interesting underwear in Chongqing

In Chongqing, sexy underwear is a way for modern women to show self -confidence and sexy. However, everyone must encounter such a problem: Where can I buy sexy underwear?This article will introduce interesting underwear in Chongqing.

1. Department Store Mall -Rich brand, suitable for selection

Department Store is the first choice for many women to buy sexy underwear.In Chongqing, large shopping malls and department stores are the main options for buying sexy underwear.Causeway Burning Department Store, Pacific Department Store, etc. all have rich sexy underwear brands, and the prices are relatively affordable.

2. Taobao/Tmall -cheap and affordable, the brand style is relatively complete

Taobao/Tmall is the first choice for modern people to buy anything.Of course, buying sexy underwear is no exception.Here, you can easily find sexy underwear of various brands, colors, styles and prices.In addition, you can communicate directly with the seller to customize a favorite erotic underwear for yourself.

3. Flea market -low price, difficult to protect quality

Chongqing’s flea market is one of the concentrated places of sexy underwear on the market.Although the price is usually relatively low, it should be noted that the quality of these sexy underwear is difficult to guarantee, so you need to choose carefully.

4. Online store -shopping at home, the brand quality is guaranteed

Chongqing has a large number of online shops that run sexy underwear, which can be easily purchased at home.These online stores usually provide sexy underwear with guarantees and quality, and the price is relatively low. Generally speaking, it is a good choice.

5. physical store -brand guarantee, quality guarantee

Physical shops are one of the best choices for buying sexy underwear.These shops usually have many brands and many styles of sexy underwear, plus professional services and consulting, so that you can better understand the characteristics of each sexy underwear.

6. Specialty store -unique and more quality

Specialty stores are generally sexy underwear for a brand, such as Shimei Daidi, Ruby Rose, etc.Buying sexy underwear here is generally guaranteed, and the sexy underwear of these brands is relatively unique and is a personalized choice.

7. Social e -commerce -acquaintances buy and sell, high degree of trust

Social e -commerce has become a new way of shopping in modern people, and can also be used to buy sexy underwear.In this model, you can buy sexy underwear through social networks such as relatives and friends, because you trust them relatively, so this method is also a good choice.

8. Training Institution -There may be professional courses

Some training institutions may provide professional courses related to sexy underwear, such as posture, flirting, and so on.Through these courses, you can learn more about sexy underwear and allow you to better understand the field of love underwear.

9. Wedding photo studio -need to shoot

When taking wedding photos, some women will choose to wear sexy underwear, because sexy underwear can make the entire shape and atmosphere more sexy.Therefore, choosing sexy underwear in the wedding photo studio is a good choice. Generally speaking, the studio will provide related purchases.

10. Network Promotion -Promotion Clothing Website, Selection Style

Some clothing websites sell well -quality sexy underwear.You can choose a reliable clothing website through the Internet, and then select the style that suits you from thousands of sexy underwear.


In short, Chongqing is a place with various choices of sexy underwear.You can choose a different way of buying to buy a sexy underwear that suits you.When choosing, you need to choose cautiously, and you also need to know your needs and styles to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

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