The world’s largest erotic sheet


Interest underwear is one of the popular clothing types in recent years. It is especially suitable for couples, couples, or individuals to increase life interest and happiness.It has a variety of types and has a variety of different styles, colors, design and selling points, which can meet the different tastes and needs of everyone.

The world’s largest sex lingerie brand

The world’s largest erotic underwear brand is Victoria ’s Secret. Its headquarters is located in the United States and is a fashion underwear company created by Roy Raymond.The company was founded in 1977 and owns London Fog and other companies.

Brand characteristics

Victoria ’s Secret’s sexy underwear is mainly sexy. They are usually made of lace, satin, tulle and other materials. They have exquisite details and contour design, which is comfortable and sexy, allowing women to exude confidence and charm from the inside out.

Recommended Products

The following are three recommendations for Victoria ’s Secret:

Angel love: Elegant and simple design, with lace and silk, gentle and comfortable, let you show the most beautiful side.

Affectionate and intoxicating: Sexy design is equipped with beads and bow, revealing strong desire and feminine charm.

Wings Angel: The feathers and transparent lace covered with the whole body reveal the soft curve of the body.Adjustable extension bands and complicated backboards make you feel comfortable while showing more temptations.

the way of buying

You can buy sexy underwear through Victoria ’s Secret official website or offline stores.In addition, Amazon and other online shopping platforms also provide Victoria ’s Secret sexy underwear products.

The other two sex lingerie brands

Except for Victoria ’s Secret, the following are the introduction and recommendation products of the other two sexy lingerie brands:

La Perla

La Perla is a traditional Italian sexy underwear brand, founded in 1954 by Luisa Jaquin.Its design aims to emphasize the beauty of women, giving women unlimited charm and self -confidence.Here are three recommended products for LA Perla:

Georgette: A dark blue lace underwear, comfortable and light, both sexy and feminine.

Begonia: The black cup supports the gallery and the tenderness of the flowers and the sexy charm.

FIORITURA: A idyllic lace sexy underwear shows femininity tenderness and warmth.


AUBADE is a French sexy underwear brand. Its unique design style has dual elements of romance and sexy, elegant, fashionable, elegant and chic.Here are three recommended products for AUBADE:

Jardin des Délices: Made of gentle lace and satin, giving women elegant, sexy and tempting.

Aubade à l’amour: The black and exquisite lace lace and the long -lasting transparent female Tan seamless contour shows tempting charm.

Passion Créole: Unique embroidery and detail design make Paunchy sexy.

in conclusion

Whether your personality is gentle or wild, whether your figure is slim or plump, whether your needs are comfortable or sexy, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you from these three brands.Go to their official website or offline stores now, not only let you feel the sexy charm, but also add color to your interesting life.

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