The story of sexy lingerie open crotch pants

From history to the present: the origin and development history of sexy underwear open crotch pants

Interest underwear is a clothing designed to add fun.And open crotch pants are also one of the important types. This kind of sexy and special performance underwear has been designed to meet the needs of those who seeks excitement and stimulation.

From a historical perspective, the first batch of sexy underwear can even go back to the Roman Empire.The needs of sexual culture independent of the aristocratic class and civilians have led to the development and popularization of sexy underwear.Open crotch pants have appeared in different historical eras, including medieval European culture, Japanese Robert culture, and any industries that need to provide additional protection (such as pickpockets).

Sexy design and materials:

The design and materials of the fun -load panties are always important.The feeling of increasing interest can be increased by adding lace or other decorations in critical places, which can make women feel confident, thereby enhancing their personal charm and attractive characteristics.

Regarding materials, fun -open panties are usually made of material with better quality.They have stronger ductility and flexibility.This can ensure that the underwear is comfortably around the body and provides the maximum protection.In addition, they can provide better air circulation to avoid sweating or discomfort.

Multi -function and practical:

Because the open crotch panties can be used on many occasions, the sexy underwear industry has begun to explore some new functional designs.It should be noted that open crotch panties can provide very practical and multifunctional.

There are some open crotch underwear with special support rods (such as structural design to help the sling corset tightly attached to the chest) to provide additional protection and support.This is particularly good for those who have chest verticality and extra help.

Open crotch panties and recommendations of different uses:

The design and use of open crotch underwear are different.For industries that need additional protection, such as pickpockets and tailors, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with high breathability and durability.These clothing can also make people feel comfortable when suffering for a long time, maintaining sexuality while providing protection.

For those who want to increase stability and confidence, there are some underwear with steel ring support to help the underwear fit with the body.The most important thing is that underwear should be tried to ensure that they are comfortable, in line with personal taste, and avoid discomfort and skin irritation.

Improve stimuli:

Open crotch underwear also allows enhanced stimulation and better sexual experience.Due to the development of the sexy underwear industry, the materials, design and performance of underwear have greatly improved, bringing more fun and excitement to those who want to enhance sex.

Women can experience richer sex processes of sexuality by trying some accessories such as cotton, silk, or more sexy and beautiful body lines, such as lace, silk material, embroidery and small accessories.For women, adding some sexy outfit of personal style can not just make sex more dynamic, and truly make themselves have more confidence in themselves.

Growing market:

With the changes in the times, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the minds of more consumers.For open crotch underwear, more women start to experience fun in the process of sex, not just regarding it as an attached product

Interesting underwear merchants have also started selling more styles and multi -functional open crotch underwear to meet the growing needs.With the increasing share of the sexy underwear market, sexy underwear open crotch panties have also become a concept of enhanced sexual life, increasing the concept of caressing and irritating Product.

Enterprise Social Responsibility (SR): The development direction of the sex underwear industry

Due to the important role of sexy underwear in stimulation, adding interest, and improving sexual experience, corporate social responsibility (SR) is a growing field of the sex underwear industry.In the design and manufacturing process of sexy underwear open crotch panties, the first consideration is the protection and rationalization of welfare benefits, and energy conservation and emission reduction (mainly means the importance of materials and product finished products).

It is worth noting that the real challenge of SR is the accuracy and transparency of the accuracy and transparency of the sexual underwear industry.Sex underwear manufacturers should ensure high standards in terms of equipment and processes.This will also guide the sexy underwear market to pay more attention to the development direction of corporate social responsibility.


Open crotch panties are an essential type in sexy underwear. Its special design and functions are designed to provide services for those who seeks stimulus and better sex.

More and more consumers have begun to realize the importance and versatility of open crotch panties, and start to try and accept this concept more.We believe that over time, sexy underwear open crotch panties will play a more important role in the sex industry, and become more important and essential.

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