The sexy underwear industry is unreliable

The messy underwear industry is chaotic

The sexy underwear industry is a topic with high attention, but this industry is also controversial for various reasons.Below, we will interpret the chaos and problems of this industry from several aspects.

Vulgar marketing of "Interesting" pseudonym

The word "interest" of sexy underwear is easy to think of obscene and vulgar content, providing some businesses with excuses to meet consumer vulgar needs.This vulgar marketing method has become a habit of the sexy underwear industry, affecting consumers’ normal understanding and acceptance of sexy underwear.

Disordinate quality and safety issues

In order to pursue market share and maximum profits, some erotic underwear manufacturers use inferior materials, low accessories, or poorly processed processes to manufacture products.This leads to frequent quality and safety problems of sexy underwear, and may even cause physical damage to consumers.

The size of the size is not uniform

The size standards used by different manufacturers are not uniform. Some brands of underwear are more in line with the style standards of the European and American markets, while some are biased towards the Asian market.This makes consumer purchase extremely difficult, and it is difficult to ensure that you buy the appropriate size.

False propaganda misleading consumers

In order to increase sales, some sexy underwear merchants will use exaggerated and false publicity methods to attract consumers.In many cases, consumers will find that the products and propaganda says they have a big difference after paying the money, which makes consumers extremely dissatisfied and disappointed.

After -sales service is not in place

In order to pursue short -term benefits, some sexy underwear merchants only focus on sales and ignore after -sales service.This allows consumers to encounter many problems and difficulties in the purchase, replacement, and after -sales maintenance of consumers.

Brand over packaging pursue high -end

In order to increase the brand’s awareness and reputation, some sexy underwear brands have begun to overplay and pursue high -end, which has greatly increased its costs and prices have risen.However, consumers do not pursue brand but need cost -effectiveness and quality assurance when they buy.

Industry supervision is absent

At present, the supervision of the sex underwear market is relatively weak, and regulatory measures are relatively single.In response to some irregular and unqualified merchants, the relevant departments failed to punish and stop them in a timely manner, which provided the opportunity for illegal merchants.

Lack of transparency price system

The price system of sexy underwear lacks transparency. Some merchants use "rising first and then discount" when bidding, or take false algorithms in terms of price increase to increase consumer purchase pressure and interest.

High dependence on e -commerce platform

At present, most merchants in the sex underwear industry use e -commerce platforms for sales.But while relying on the e -commerce platform, it also significantly reduces its brand’s control and consumer service experience.


In general, the status quo of the sex underwear industry is not optimistic, and it needs to attract attention and attention in all aspects.Manufacturers, merchants, regulators, and consumers should participate in the industry’s norms and construction together to promote the healthy and orderly development of the sexy underwear industry.

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