The most expensive sexy underwear

The most expensive sexy underwear

Fun underwear is not only a clothing that needs basic life needs, but also a symbol of expressing personality and unique charm.There are many different types of erotic underwear in the market, some sexy, cute, and sexy but noble and elegant.Some of the sexy underwear are the most expensive.This is because they are not only ordinary erotic underwear, but also have special manufacturing craftsmanship and impeccable design.The following is the most expensive erotic underwear in the market.

1. Leather lines erotic conjoined socks

The leather lines are made by France’s most famous underwear brand.Conjusational socks are made from the best leather materials and the most exquisite craftsmanship.It is quite expensive, because every link in the production process is done with pure handmade.

2. Jewelry decoration sex bra

Jewelry decorative sex bra is decorated with huge pearls and shining diamonds. It is one of the most expensive sexy underwear in the world.The price of this high -end brand has made it one of the most popular fashion brands in the richest man, and it is also the most expensive.

3. Sexy beauty handmade sexy lingerie

Sexy beauty handmade sexy underwear uses the best materials, such as French lace and silk satin, which uses the best handmade technology to make unique styles.The price of this sexy underwear is very expensive, but it is also the most popular and richer at the same time.

4. Silk and open -stall sex love underwear

The price of silk and open -stalls is not only because of their materials, but also because of their extremely unique design and handmade.The professional design of these sexy underwear makes it unique and durable, which makes us the most expensive sexy underwear in the market.

5. Strawberry flavor noble sexy underwear

Strawberry’s noble sexy underwear is produced by the famous Japanese sexy underwear company and is famous for its unique fragrance and noble design.These underwear use the best ingredients, and supplemented by fragrance, making people feel more natural and high -end.

6. Special custom -made sexy underwear in Europe

The specially customized sexy underwear in Europe is carefully designed by famous European designers. This sexy underwear uses the best material and the best handmade. Each detail is exquisite and valuable.These sexy underwear is famous for its unique styles and excellent quality, and the price is also expensive.

7. The most precious king of sexy underwear

The most precious king of sexy underwear is made from France’s most famous underwear company. It uses the best satin and the most expensive jewelry to create noble and gorgeous.The design and production process of this sexy underwear takes a long time, and its expensive price is because of this high -quality design and production process.

8. Manual custom style latest listing

The latest listing of manual customization is launched by the most famous sexy underwear brand in China.This high -quality erotic underwear is made of handmade, and the best materials, such as dead skin and silk, to create a high -quality and noble feeling.

Views: Although the most expensive sexy underwear is expensive, they are not only expensive clothes, but also a way to show self -confidence and charm.Before selecting sexy underwear, we should consider the high -quality production and unique design represented by these high -end brands.

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