The hostess wears a sexy lingerie novel

1. Prelude: Interesting underwear as a condiment among couples

As a condiment between love underwear, as a condiment between couples has attracted more and more attention, which can increase passion and fun.After understanding this, the heroine began to wear a variety of different types of sexy underwear to flirt with her boyfriend and "popping".

2. Three -piece set of lace: Chemical reactions

Three -piece lace, namely lace bra, pants inlaid with lace, and lace socks. It is a kind of sexy underwear that women like very much.The hostess put on such a sexy underwear, and immediately had a chemical reaction with her boyfriend, achieving very good results.

3. Leather underwear: Stunning appearance

In addition to lace style, leather underwear is also a big choice for female lovers.It can make women look more sexy and enchanting on the outside, and it is very suitable for cold -colored bed games.

4. Private clothing: strengthen gender cognition

Private clothing is one of the important tools for couples to recognize each other’s gender, and now it has become a must -have for women’s sexy underwear.When men and women are sexing, such underwear is very helpful.

5. Through pants: make the body more sexy

Thong pants are sexy representatives. It can not only make the figure more perfect, but also increase the sexy level of the heroine.Because the style of thongs is relatively exposed, the effect with her boyfriend is more beneficial to each other.

6. Transparent underwear: The art of teasing

As a representative of women’s sexy underwear, transparent underwear has an unlimited "teasing effect".When performing sex with her boyfriend, transparent underwear can inject more time and possibilities into the in -depth communication and emotional sublimation between two people.

7. Pajamas: Keep warm in bed

As one of the warm and "soft" parts between couples, pajamas can maintain the balance and harmony between the female lead and her boyfriend on the bed, so that the couples keep pace with each other.

8. Jacket: Make the heroine more mysterious

With different types of underwear, wearing jackets can make the heroine more mysterious and seductive. Of course, the so -called "jacket" here actually refers to accessories such as bras or lace gauze placed in the underwear instead of a normal coat.

9. Summary:

The heroine wearing fun underwear can not only promote good communication between men and women, but also increase the commonality or degree of acceptance between the two parties, thereby achieving a better "popping" effect.

10. Exclusive secret recipe: Interest underwear is an important part of perfect love

In short, sexy underwear is an important part of perfect love.If the heroine wants to increase passion and concentration with her boyfriend, then you must buy your favorite and suitable sexy underwear!

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