The erotic underwear is lighter to break down

The erotic underwear is lighter, what should I do?

Interest underwear is a stylish and sexy underwear. Many women wear it in sex to increase interest and stimulus.However, some women may find that their sexy underwear is more likely to damage or penetrate, which will not only affect the appearance, but also affect sexual experience.To solve this problem, the following are useful suggestions.

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size is the key to ensure that sexy underwear will not be damaged when used.If you wear too tight or too small underwear, your body may cause the stitching of the underwear to break.On the contrary, if you wear too large or loose underwear, they may slide or distort during the event to increase the risk of penetration.It is recommended to measure your body size carefully to ensure that the right size is selected.

Choose high -quality underwear

High -quality erotic underwear usually uses strong stitching, soft fabrics and careful craftsmanship.Indeed, they are slightly more expensive than cheap sexy underwear, but effectively improve the life and experience of underwear.This is an important investment for women who often use sexy underwear.

Avoid using hooks

Some erotic underwear design is linked to make you more convenient to wear and take off when using.However, linked may also cause penetration of underwear.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear without hooking, or to ensure the quality and location of the hook when you choose a hook underwear.

Pay attention to the use environment

Interest underwear may be an important tool for creating sensory and experience, but the environment and scenes that need to be paid attention to.Crazy and rolling on the ground or any sharp objects may cause damage to underwear.In addition, any water or liquid may also affect the fabric and texture of the underwear.Therefore, it is recommended to use sexy underwear on the flat and dry surface of the room.

Avoid using too much lubricant

Many erotic underwear designs need to use lubricants to increase the comfort of wearing and use.However, too much lubricant may also affect the fabric and texture of the underwear.When using sexy underwear, it is recommended to use an appropriate, high -quality lubricant.

Have a lot of sexy underwear

Having multiple different types of sexy underwear can make you easier to rest.Using the same underwear often will slowly damage the fabric and stitching.With a few sexy lingerie, you can also try different colors and styles to increase the fun of sex.

Pay attention to cleaning

Washing erotic underwear is important because they will contact the body.Like other underwear, it is best to use soft cleaner to wash with a soft underwear, cold water or warm water.Do not expose the underwear in the sun or use a hot air dryer, because this may damage the underwear and affect the maintenance of quality and performance.

Check before use

Before using sexy underwear, carefully check the seams, bags and connections of the underwear to make sure you do not wear any damaged underwear.If you have problems when you are wearing or using sexy underwear, you should stop using it immediately to avoid damage to underwear or have adverse consequences.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear is an interesting and sexy underwear that can increase sexual experience.In order to ensure the quality and performance of sexy underwear, it is recommended to start with the appropriate size and high -quality underwear to avoid excessive lubricants and check the underwear before use.In addition, having a number of sexy lingerie can also increase the fun of sex.

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