Teacher wearing a sexy underwear for me to make up lessons

my teacher

I am an ordinary high school student who usually follows the law in school without any excitement.However, one night, I experienced an unexpected supplementary class experience. My teacher gave me this lesson wearing a sexy underwear.

Her sexy lingerie style

At that time, my teacher wore a set of black sexy underwear, and the style was very sexy, which made me a bit puzzled.I have seen some sexy underwear, but I have never seen this style.

Change of the classroom atmosphere

As he is, I sat at the desk and listened to the talk, and the teacher also habitually stood in front of the blackboard to explain the knowledge points to us.However, over time, the atmosphere of the classroom gradually becomes delicate.I feel that the teacher’s eyes are increasingly staying on me. There are some strange graffiti on my textbook, and sometimes I can’t even concentrate.

Change of classroom content

In such an atmosphere, the teacher began to change the classroom content, and her scale gradually expanded.From the initial cultural course teaching, it has changed to an introduction to sexual knowledge and sexy underwear.I feel very embarrassed, but I can’t give up such a sexy underwear display. I often secretly peek at the teacher’s inconspicuous chest, and gradually, I feel excited about her.

My own feelings

Although we have all learned sex in school, it still makes me feel very strange when talking about sexy underwear.In such an atmosphere, I feel that I seem to be mature, and I am more curious about sexy underwear.

Do I take care of the teacher

In such a class, I started to doubt whether the teacher could not restrain himself.I don’t know if I take care of the teacher’s deviation behavior.Although I am curious about sexy underwear, this does not mean that I want to receive the teacher’s education.

How can I deal with

Although I am curious about the teacher’s erotic underwear, I don’t think this is a deviation behavior.I described my concerns in detail with my own standards.Of course, this is just the negligence of a private teacher.

Look forward to the future

Although I may encounter similar incidents one day, I believe that I have done a good defense mechanism and will not be affected by this way of educational.I don’t want the teacher to put on sexy underwear again to make up for me. At the same time, I also believe that I will have a more complete defense mechanism to protect myself.

my point of view

Sexy underwear is a private item that can be worn on a specific occasion, but it is not suitable for an educational method.I still have doubts about such behavior, but I also hope that this article can make more people realize the seriousness of such educational behavior and actively protect my rights.

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