Taobao shop sex lingerie logo

Sexy underwear is a unique fashion category. Many women like to wear it to enhance confidence and sexy.With the popularity of the Internet, many merchants have opened Taobao shops to sell various styles of sexy underwear.As an important part of the store’s image, how to design and apply it in sexy underwear stores has become a question worth exploring.In this article, we will explore the design and application of Taobao shop sex lingerie LOGO.

1. The basic principles of logo design

The LOGO design of the sexy underwear shop needs to follow the basic principles.First of all, LOGO needs to be consistent with the brand image, expressing the brand concept and characteristics.Secondly, the logo should be simple, easy to understand, easy to recognize, and easy to remember.Finally, the logo needs good scalability and adaptability to meet the display needs of different sizes and different media.

2. Color performance

Color is an important element in the LOGO design. The logo design of the sexy underwear shop needs to pay attention to the performance of color.In design, you can use sexy, romantic, dark red and other sexy underwear to express the characteristics of the store. You can also use bright and bright colors to highlight the image of the store.

3. Selection of font style

The choice of font style is also one of the issues that need to be paid attention to in the design of the LOGO design of sexy underwear shop.It is necessary to choose fonts with high recognition and beauty, while adapting to the characteristics of sexy underwear shops.

4. Several forms of logo

There are several forms of sexy underwear shop logo, which are text -shaped, graphic and combined.The text -shaped logo usually uses the name of the store as a logo to highlight the brand image; graphic logo is to express the characteristics and concepts of the store through graphic design and image presentation.More complete and rich brand image.

5. Application of logo

The application of the LOGO of sexy underwear store has a variety of forms and mediums, the most important of which are the homepage of the merchant store, the main map of the product, and the marketing activities.LOGO suitable for different scenes needs to be used reasonably and highlight the focus.

6. Case analysis of logo design

Below, let’s take a look at the case of two sexy underwear shop logo design.One is the sexy lingerie of Paris, and the other is the European and American sexy underwear.The design of the LOGO of the sexy lingerie in Paris is simple and clear. The black and white color matching emphasizes the sexy characteristics and effectively highlights the brand characteristics. The LOGO of European and American sexy underwear uses red and black color matching, simple and bright, which is very in line with the characteristics of sexy underwear.

7. Future trend of sexy lingerie logo

In the future, with the continuous maturity of the sexy underwear market, the LOGO design of the sexy underwear store will also pay more attention to the prominent brand image and characteristics, and the improvement of online store marketing effects.

8. Conclusion

To sum up, the LOGO design of sexy underwear shop is an important part of the image of a sex lingerie store. In the design process, it is necessary to consider all aspects, carefully designed from color, fonts, forms and other aspects, and continuously optimized and improved in practical applications.

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