Talk about visiting the sexy lingerie shop after the epidemic

The impact of epidemic on sexy underwear shops

The epidemic in 2020 has caused many industries to be shocked, and sexy underwear shops are no exception.Due to the requirements of social distance, many sexy underwear stores are forced to close or restrict passenger flow.Even after re -opening, the passenger flow is not as good as before.Therefore, during the epidemic, many sexy underwear shops began to sell and transform online sales and online, which allowed people to buy various types of sexy underwear that suits them without having to go to the store in person.

The rise of online sales

The rise of online sales means to a certain extent filling the vacancies of sexy underwear stores.As people pay more attention to health and safety during the epidemic, online sales have also become a consumption trend and provide a lot of convenience.You can browse all the models at home, choose a sexy underwear that suits you, and order it to your home within a few days.

Skills for purchasing sexy underwear

In the face of so many erotic lingerie styles, how to choose is a question of many people.For different styles of sexy underwear, we should choose according to our body and needs.For example, for big breasts, it is best to choose a supportive lingerie to protect the health of the breast; for thin waist women, you can selectively tight and texture of sexy underwear.

Choose the right fabric

Fabric is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.The texture is soft, simple, smooth, and has the characteristics of sexy women, so it is the basis of sexy underwear materials.At present, the common materials on the market are cotton, fiber and silk.You can measure the advantages and disadvantages of various sexy lingerie materials according to your preferences and feelings, and choose what you like.

Precautions for clothing with clothing

Interest underwear can also be matched with various clothing.However, if you want to share your beauty with others, you need to carefully choose the color and texture of the clothing.You should choose coats, skirts or pants that are similar to the main color of sexy underwear.Color and style matching can create a perfect visual effect.If you have no confidence in your taste and match, you can consult with professionals.

Both sexy and comfortable

The most basic requirement for sexy underwear is sexy and comfortable.Interest underwear should be comfortable, and it must also have a strong visual effect.Sexy underwear is popular with different materials such as lace, silk, and translucent, which can show women’s elegance and charming.One of the more popular sexy underwear is three-point, consisting of cups, G-curved hook systems and thong pants.Three -point sexy underwear feels sexy and very comfortable to wear.

Selection of different occasions

Selecting sex underwear also needs to be selected according to the occasion and purpose.For dating and getting married, you can selectively sexy sexy underwear, which can effectively show your charming.For business properties and dance performances, you can choose more distinctive sexy underwear, such as bra, cat clothes or uniforms.

Pay attention to the maintenance of sexy underwear

In order to ensure the beauty and quality of sexy underwear, they should be maintained and timely maintenance.When cleaning the bra underwear, the bra underwear should be reversed, pulled down the connected strap, and washed with a neutral detergent from hand or washing machine.Exposure can destroy the quality and color of sexy underwear.Only dry in the room.

How to buy real sexy underwear

There are many so -called sexy underwear brands and manufacturers in the market.However, many brands of sexy underwear are imitation products.Only primitive erotic underwear can ensure that you buy genuine products.Through a good professional business, it is recommended that you buy it.You can also view the purchase experience and customer feedback of other customers, and evaluate the quality and reputation of the product.


In short, choose a sexy underwear that meets your body and needs, choose the appropriate material and color, buy genuine products, pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, so that it is comfortable and beautiful, suitable for various occasions.Don’t forget to show your unique charm when you put on a sexy underwear.

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