Swimsuit can be used as sexy sheets

Swimsuit can be used as sexy sheets

The swimsuit not only enjoys the beach and the waves, but also can also appear as a role of sexy underwear.Especially in summer, the activity and sexy degree of swimsuit can bring new imagination and experience to your sexual life.Here are some tips about swimsuit as sexy underwear, and how to choose the right swimsuit to use it for sex toys.

1. Selection of body proportion

When choosing a swimsuit as a sexy underwear, the size is particularly important.If the swimsuit is too tight or too loose, you will be difficult to get all the effects.Make sure that the swimsuit is consistent with your body proportion. This is a basic principle of using a swimsuit to make sex underwear. Otherwise, the swimsuit will not be able to show your sexy.

2. Select the right style

There are many different styles to choose from when swimsuits, such as bolt straps swimsuit, bikini swimsuit, etc.Different styles can meet different needs.For those couples who seek some vivid changes, you can choose a bikini swimsuit with various colors and prints to attract your partner’s attention.

3. Pay attention to the detail design

The swimsuit is part of the sexy underwear, and its detail design must be particular.Pay attention to the details of the swimsuit, such as lace details and hollow patterns, which will enhance the visual effect of the swimsuit and attract the attention of sexual partners.

4. Eliminate the old swimsuit

When the swimsuit is used for sexy underwear, it must be cleaned and cleaned.Especially when giraffes are playing in the water in the summer, the swimsuit will be polluted by chlorine water, ultraviolet rays, sea salt, seaweed, and water droplets.Therefore, the old dirty swimsuit can be converted into one -time use, do not use it on the occasion.

5. Choose different colors

If you don’t want to be too bold or exposed, then choose a little more conservative, but it can also meet your needs and imagination, such as white, black and skin tone.These classic colors can help you create a soft visual effect and soothing psychological atmosphere.

6. Pay attention to transparency

Many swimsuit fabrics are very thin or even transparent, which may be a very attractive choice.However, if you don’t want to be too exposed, you need to pay attention to transparency and refer to some references on the theme of swimwear underwear to avoid embarrassment.

7. Consider adding sexy and favorite elements

In addition to choosing the most suitable swimsuit style and color, you can also consider adding sexy elements to the swimsuit.For example, beads, lace and feathers, etc., can make swimsuits more attractive.

8. Borrowing the shape of a swimsuit

Compared with traditional sexy underwear, the production materials of the swimsuit are more breathable, light and soft, so in some cases, the swimsuit can completely replace sexy underwear.Borrowing the shape of a swimsuit can also bring some completely different fun to the husband and wife.

9. Pay attention to your interesting makeup

When the swimsuit is a sexy underwear, you need to match your makeup exquisitely, and the overall effect will be better.Before wearing a swimsuit, you can coordinate your hair, makeup, or nails to achieve sexy purpose.

10. Sexy and nature have both

When using a swimsuit as a sexy underwear, the most important thing is to pay attention to your comfort and naturalness.It is recommended to keep the most natural look. After all, women’s natural charm is one of the best sources of sexy.

The swimsuit can be used as a sexy underwear, which is actually a very reasonable choice.Especially in summer, swimsuit materials and colors can meet your various needs.As long as you pay attention to the details and size problems, and choose the appropriate shape according to your interest preferences, the swimsuit will add some novel taste to your sexual life as a sexy underwear.

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