Straight men’s love underwear style

Straight men's love underwear style

Straight men’s love underwear style

1. Slim lace

For many straight men, lace is synonymous with sexy underwear.Lace lace, perspective design, and revealing styles can attract their attention.Especially the soft and personal lace fabrics can highlight the body curve of women and make them irresistible.In addition, red and black lace is the favorite choice for straight men.

2. Tight -fitting style that reflects the figure

Tights can highlight women’s figure, especially sexy chest lines and slender leg lines.For fitness and sports enthusiasts, this sexy underwear can highlight the results of exercise and make them appreciate more.

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3. Simple and sexy silk style

Silk sexy underwear can make women’s skin smoother and more sexy.For straight men, simple but temperamental silk style is their favorite.Dark, light, patterns and solid colors are all good choices.

4. Use the style of strange design elements

Sexy can also be combined with design.Some women like to add strange design elements in sexy underwear, such as bow, chain and hollow, these styles can make straight men surprise and fresh.

5. Make a variety of colors

The straight men appreciate the variety of sexy underwear.Except for typical red, black and white, other colors such as purple, pink, blue and green are very popular.These bright and bright colors can highlight women’s personality and taste.

6. Perspective and hollow style

Perspective and hollow design can enlarge the charm of women and make straight men feel that they are sexy.Performance yarn and hollow style can expose more skin in some parts, usually the waist, chest, and back.

7. Special accessories and decorations


Many straight men appreciate new decorations and accessories in sexy underwear, such as fluorescent strips, streaming, collar and earrings.These can improve women’s sense of fashion and sexy.

8. I like charming half -cup style

Half -cup -covered sexy underwear is the choice of many straight men, mainly because they can better present women’s chests and let them appreciate the arc and size.

9. Natural plump style

Many straight men prefer natural and plump women. They appreciate the curve shape and plump breasts. These can be displayed by selecting sexy underwear.

10. The matching of sexy underwear exposed socks

For attracting straight men’s eyes, open -toe socks are a necessary equipment.Matching them with bikini, sexy underwear or pajamas can create a perfect visual effect and let them appreciate the charm of women.

In short, straight men appreciate simple and natural sexy underwear, and they will also like to highlight the style of female body curves.At the same time, novel and peculiar design elements, colorful colors and seductive accessories are good choices.If you want to attract their attention, choose your own sexy underwear!