Stories on sexy underwear

Stories on sexy underwear

Stories on sexy underwear

The first time wearing a sexy underwear experience

I remember when I was wearing a sexy underwear for the first time when the wedding anniversary, I wanted to surprise my husband.In the underwear shop, I tried a lot of styles, and finally chose a set of lace perspective sexy underwear. I only felt that friction and touch accelerated my heartbeat, as if I felt like I became a different person.

Selection of sex underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, different styles are suitable for different body shapes and occasions.For example, fat people can choose to bodied underwear. Supreme skirt -like perspective underwear can increase the proportion of figure, and perspective lace underwear can show sexy skin.Different materials will also affect the feeling of wearing. The sexy underwear of the leopard print is more suitable for relaxation and indulgent sexy, and women with temperament can choose lace lace.

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Falling underwear wear

You can wear sex underwear alone or match with other clothing.A simple sweater and a pair of jeans, with sexy corset and exposed underwear, can create a brand new style.Perspective underwear can also be matched with the suspender, mixing the shoulder strap and the suspender, sexy and seductive.

Falling underwear maintenance

Interest underwear is a relatively special clothing, and it also needs some skills for storage and maintenance.First of all, do not put the sexy underwear in the sun to prevent your skin from having black, but also damage the texture of the underwear.Followed by hand washing, do not use a washing machine, otherwise it will scrape the details of the underwear and affect the beauty.

Sex lingerie gift

Interest underwear is a very good gift. It is a unique surprise whether it is for yourself or a lover.You can use different styles and materials to express your love and appreciation of each other, enhance your feelings in the process of communication, and bring different fun to each other.

Falling underwear wearing experience

Putting on sex underwear, the touch between the skin is heating up instantly, and a kind of pleasure and confidence in the spirit and body also produce a kind of joy and confidence.Especially in dating, party, etc., wearing sexy underwear will make people feel that they are the best one in the party, and everyone’s eyes are focused on you.

Liberation of sex underwear


Wearing sexy underwear is also an innovation and liberation of self.In the traditional aesthetic concept, women are often defined as a symbol of weak and quiet, but in a sense, sexy underwear has made women’s inner self a more play to the extreme, showing more different temperament, releasing continuous continuityFemale power.

Self -confidence of sexy underwear

Everyone wants to be recognized by others, and wearing sexy underwear is also a way to express themselves.While supporting underwear, there is also the display of confidence and good face, so that our hearts can have a better display.Only with self -confidence can we get more opportunities and achievements in life.

Secret base of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is also a secret base of a person. It is only fresh air and love that belongs to its own.In the process of wearing sex underwear, you can return to yourself, feel your beauty and attractiveness, and make you more charming and unique.

Conclusion of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is not only exclusive to romantic Valentine’s Day, but an indispensable part of life aesthetics.It allows us to be more beautiful because of the internal charm, get confidence and respect, and add some different scenery to life.Wearing sexy underwear is like blooming life into a shining flower, long live youth.