SM sex underwear dead pants water

SM sex underwear dead pants water

What is SM sexy underwear?

In daily life, many people will come into contact with sexy underwear.There are many types of them, with a variety of styles and colors.In these types of sexy underwear, SM sex underwear is a relatively special type.SM sex underwear is a type of sexy underwear with a sense of restraint and danger. Due to its unique characteristics, I believe it must have many fans.In SM sexy underwear, stool water is also a very popular type.So, what is stilling pants?

The shape and material of stool water?

The stool water is a more special type of SM sex underwear. It is connected to a bondage rope from the ordinary suspender. It usually tied the rope to the position of the hip, which shows the shape of the stool water.Its material usually uses cotton or polyester underwear. It is paired with a rope of about 4 to 5 meters. The rope is bypassed through the legs, and the hips are bound to form stool pants.In order to create a better sense of restraint, some sexy underwear producers will also add some iron rings and other props to stool water.

The process of using stool water?

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If you want to use stool water in a fun life, you first need your partner or you know the characteristics of this sex game.When using, you need to hold your legs with your legs, and after discussion, your partner uses a rope to tie all your legs.Of course, the degree of tightness should be adjusted according to the preferences of yourself or partner.When your legs are completely bound by stool water, you will feel that you are in a state of semi -bondage and semi -free.

The benefits of using stool water?

By using stool water, you can get higher stimulation and pleasure in your body and mind.Because your legs are in a completely restrained state, you will feel a sense of control and danger.The partner will stimulate your body through various techniques after restraint, so that you can experience a different feeling.

How to pay attention to how to use and contraindications?

When using stool water, be careful not to use too much and not exceed the limit you can bear.In addition, it is necessary to relieve bondage during use to avoid physiological damage caused by poor blood circulation.At the same time, because the use of still pants is also dangerous, it is necessary to have a high sense of safety precautions when used.In addition, some contraindications such as pregnant women, mental patients, people with high blood pressure, and weak people also need to avoid using stools.

How to choose a stool water that suits you?

When choosing a stool water that suits you, you need to buy it in combination with your own situation.For those who have experienced the first experience, you can choose stool water with simple styles and simple use methods.For those with rich experience, you can try some more complicated still pants water to further experience a stronger sense of control.

How to maintain stools and water inner clothes?

In daily use, stool water also needs proper maintenance.When cleaning, you can use warm water and soapy water for simple washing.In addition, it should be noted that because the rope in the stool water is usually binding multiple times, it is necessary to check whether the rope is intact after use.If there is obvious damage, it needs to be replaced in time.


Combined with comfort and practical stiff pants water sex underwear?

In general, whether it is a beginner or a veteran, you can experience more different types of stimuli and pleasure by using still pants water sex lingerie.Especially in recent years, there have been more and more production of stool water, and stool water has more practicality.Therefore, the rich style, high comfort, and good -looking necromancer’s stuffed underwear is also increasingly respected.

How to enjoy life better?

Finally, want to better enjoy life, use sexy underwear moderately, reasonably choose the type that suits you, and enjoy the unique rational and emotional interaction pleasure. This is also an important one in our daily life to pursue a colorful experience.ring.