Skills wearing underwear

Skills wearing underwear

Skills wearing underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and mysterious underwear, which can add a lot of fun to your love life, but there are also some skills to wear sexy underwear.This article will introduce the skills and precautions of wearing sexy underwear.

Choose a style that suits you

First of all, choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Different styles of sexy underwear have their own charm, but not everyone is suitable for each style.You can buy the sexy underwear that is most suitable for you according to your figure, preferences and huge details.For those who are fat, choosing a tight sex underwear may not be the best choice.Funny underwear that is suitable for you can best show your charm.

The material selection must be in line with the season

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Secondly, the selected material must be in line with the season.If you wear a heavy sexy underwear in the summer, it will definitely feel hot and unbearable, and it will cause adverse effects on your experience.Choosing the soft and breathable sexy underwear should be a good choice.In winter or cold temperatures, you can choose some high -density, thick materials, so that you will not feel too cold.

Pay attention to color matching

Third, color matching is important, and it must be coordinated with the color of your skin.Generally speaking, light -colored sexy underwear is suitable for people with white skin. Dark underwear is suitable for people with dark or black skin.Colors can affect your mood, so you must consider your own mood when choosing color.

The size should be appropriate

Fourth, the size of the sexy underwear must be appropriate.If your size choice is incorrect, it will not only affect your wear experience, but also cause some discomfort.Interest underwear is best customized to ensure the comfort and experience you wear.

Do not have too much accessories

Fifth, do not have too much accessories for sex underwear.If you wear too many lace or accessories on the sexy underwear, it will make people feel too crowded and complicated.Therefore, it is best to choose only a simple and small accessories as embellishment, so as to better highlight your figure charm.

Choice of the bottom underwear

Sixth, the selection of the bottom panties of sex underwear is also important.If your sexy underwear is tight, you can choose thong underwear, so that you can keep it comfortably and better challenge yourself.For those who want to pursue comfort, choosing loose underwear may be a better choice.

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Use maintenance skills

Seventh, use maintenance skills to extend the life of sexy underwear.You can choose to clean the second time, and then dry them quickly.When washing, you can choose a neutral washing agent and wash at low temperature to better protect your sexy underwear.Of course, it is still necessary to choose the method of cleaning according to the texture of the underwear and the manufacturing material.

Confidence is the king

Finally, remember that self -confidence is king, no matter what your body or skin type, as long as you wear confidently, you can reflect the charm of sexy underwear.Get ready to enjoy all the wonderful moments in life!


The above are some skills and precautions about wearing sexy underwear.Although it has fun underwear to increase the fun of life, wearing it correctly can truly show your charm.Select the quality of sexy underwear, combining your body and temperament, you can achieve the best results.Most importantly, don’t forget to be self -confidence and enjoy the moment, bold and freedom, this is the key to showing your own.