Shu Qi Fun Underwear Show

Shu Qi Fun Underwear Show

Shu Qi sexy underwear show

As a sexy goddess, Shu Qi has always been a beautiful representative in everyone’s mind.She likes to wear sexy underwear very much, and she will publicly show her "favorite" in many times.Let’s take a look at Shu Qi’s sexy underwear show secret!

Sexy black sexy underwear

Black classics have always been one of the most popular colors.This black -colored underwear is very sexy, with deep V -neck and low waist design, with red lace embroidery, which is more attractive.

Deep V bra+lace briefs

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Shu Qi wore this deep V bra and lace briefs, showing the ultimate sexy side on the stage.The combination of deep V design and lace pattern is very attractive, and it has become the love of many women.

Transparent sexy underwear

Transparent sexy underwear is a symbol of sexy, which makes people want to be close.Shu Qi wore this transparent erotic underwear, and her clear texture was fascinating, awakening the desire hidden in their hearts.

Beauty under the collarbone

Under the collarbone is a field full of temptation and secrets.Shu Qi wore this hollow design sexy underwear, showing the beauty of this field to the fullest.

Lace small triangle underwear

Lace triangle underwear is one of the essential products for each girl.Shu Qi wore such a beautiful and moving small triangle underwear, showing the femininity and charming of women on the stage, attracting the attention of many men.


This sexy underwear is very eye -catching. Due to the design and use of the bra, it makes it particularly prominent in the field of women’s underwear.Putting on this fun BRA, Shu Qi’s sexy factors have doubled.


Sweet and shy

This design is full of sweet and coquettish ingredients.The color of pale yellow and red makes this sexy underwear very energetic and charm.In particular, this marshmallow has added a lot of shameful traits to Shu Qi’s beauty.

Sexy conjoined underwear

This conjoined sexy underwear is very sexy, and the entire body is printed with red lace lace patterns.This design highlights women’s body lines and sexy outlines, making this sexy underwear more attractive.

Black leather sex lingerie

This style of sexy underwear is classic and noble, suitable for women who want to show sexy and personality.The material and sexy carvings of leather make this sexy underwear very attractive.

General point of view

As a representative of the fashion circle, Shu Qi, the sexy underwear she wore represents a new fashion trend, and this fashion trend contains obvious sexy and charming characteristics.These sexy underwear not only shows the sexy and charm of women, but also shows a spirit of women’s confidence and independence.In today’s fashion world, sexy and charming has become a strong trend, and these sexy underwear worn by Shu Qi is one of the most unique and prominent styles of fashion trends.