Shen Jingwen’s sexy underwear photo map

Shen Jingwen's sexy underwear photo map


Shen Jingwen, a well -known actress in the Chinese film industry, is also a fashion icon.When she released a group of sexy sexy underwear in June 2019, she became a hot spot for discussion.The following will analyze this set of photos of Shen Jingwen and explore the style and skills of its underwear.

Sexy and comfort coexist

Shen Jingwen’s sexy underwear is sexy and comfortable, especially the knitted underwear materials she chose.Focus on highlighting women’s slender and delicate body lines, and at the same time, it will not affect the women’s dressing experience.This is also one of the reasons why Shen Jingwen chose this sexy underwear.

Black classic charm

Lace Maid Costume Set – Y171

Shen Jingwen chose black sexy underwear in this group of photos. Black is regarded as eternal classic colors, outlines women’s elegance, nobleness and mystery.At the same time, black also has the effect of converging body effect, which can cover the effect of meat and make the figure look more slender.

Small lapel show sexy clavicle

Among the sexy lingerie styles selected by Shen Jingwen, there is a black style with a small lapel. Such a design can not only successfully lock the sight, but also help show women’s sexy collarbone.And this style can also cover the flesh’s arm very well, making the arm look slender and slender.

Pearl style detail design

In this group of photos, Shen Jingwen also chose a sexy underwear with pearl details.Pearl is a symbol of women’s beauty. In the design of underwear, the embellishment of pearls can make the entire underwear look more exquisite and gorgeous, increasing the noble sense of women.

Lace decorative sexy underwear

Lace is a common decorative details in sexy underwear, which can increase the beauty of underwear well.In this group of photos, Shen Jingwen also chose a sexy underwear with lace decoration, which successfully set off the beautiful curve of the female body, showing the romantic and soft side of women.

Design style of triangular underwear

In addition to black underwear, Shen Jingwen also chose a triangular underwear.Triangular underwear is considered one of the most basic styles of the underwear industry. It is a "versatile item" in the sex underwear industry, and it is applicable to anyone in the body.Of course, cooperating with appropriate clothing can have an unexpected effect.

Stay Up

Fashion options for underwear with mini skirts

In this group of photos, the sexy underwear worn by Shen Jingwen appeared with mini skirts. Skirts are undoubtedly a choice full of fashion.Underwear is one of the trends now. This kind of dress can not only show the sexy of women, but also highlight the confidence and courage of women.

Sexuality with red lips with red lips

In this group of photos, Shen Jingwen’s lip color insists on using bright red. The combination of this color can not only increase the sexy of sexy underwear, but also increase women’s aura.At the same time, red lips are also a high -profile fashion manifestation, which can make the overall dress more colorful.


In this set of photos, we saw Shen Jingwen’s ability to grasp and sexy performance of sexy underwear.Whether it is material, color, and style, Shen Jingwen uses the ultimate intention to create his own dress.It is the best state and exquisite underwear to show the inner self -confidence and beauty, which is the rights of every woman.