Sexy underwear trial penetration of the original video online

Sexy underwear trial penetration of the original video online

Sexy underwear trial penetration of the original video online

Interest underwear is a sexy, tempting, art and exploration underwear.Trying sexy underwear allows you to experience different physical feelings, making you more confident, charming, and sexy.When buying sexy underwear, trying penetration is a very important part, but due to the impact of the epidemic, many people are not convenient to go to physical stores to try on.Today, we have brought some sexy underwear to try on the original video, so that you can enjoy the happiness of trying penetration without leaving home, and choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.

Comfort and size

When choosing sexy underwear, comfort and size are important factor that need to be considered.When trying on, pay attention to whether the underwear is fitted and whether there is too tight or loose. Choose a size for your own sexy underwear to make you more natural and comfortable when you wear it.


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The material of sexy underwear mainly includes lace, silk, leather, etc.When trying it on, carefully observe the material of the underwear and choose the one that suits you.The lace material will make you look softer and softer, while the leather material is more sexy visual impact.


There are many styles of sexy underwear, including bras, hanging stockings, bellybands and other types.Choose the right style according to your needs and physical characteristics.Try to penetrate different styles of sexy underwear, allowing you to better understand your body and aesthetic preferences.


Color is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Black, red, white and other colors are common colors of sexy underwear.Try to wear different colors of sexy underwear, allowing you to better grasp your color preferences and choose sexy underwear that is best for your style.


The occasion and matching are also factors that you need to pay attention to choosing sexy underwear.Try to penetrate different underwear with different occasions and clothing, allowing you to better master matching skills, which is conducive to your more sexy underwear in actual life.

Sexy underwear member

Many sexy underwear brands have their own membership system, and joining members can enjoy more discounts and discounts.When trying through sexy underwear, you can consider joining the sexy underwear members to enjoy more benefits.

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the way of buying

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose a regular purchase channel.You can choose regular purchase channels such as brand official malls and Tmall flagship stores to ensure that you can buy genuine sexy underwear.


When trying through sexy underwear, you must be mentally prepared.Sex underwear will expose your body, and it is very high in your body and psychology. You must have enough confidence and courage to truly experience the charm of sexy underwear.


Trying sexy underwear is an indispensable link when choosing a sexy underwear. The comfort, size, material, style, color, color matching, purchasing channels, psychological preparation and other factors of sex underwear must be considered.In the process of trying, we must pay attention to details, control desires, patience, and then choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.