Sexy underwear Taobao ordering

Sexy underwear Taobao ordering

1. Select the knowledge you need

Before ordering sexy underwear, it is necessary to learn about some key knowledge, including different types of erotic underwear, the size and style of the fabrics that are suitable for your body, the quality of the fabric, and so on.After you have a basic understanding of these knowledge, you can avoid buying wrong sexy underwear.

2. Select the type according to your own needs and preferences

After understanding different types of sexy underwear, choose the type that suits you according to your needs and preferences, such as beautiful back, sexy, light luxury, lace, split, and so on.

3. Pay attention to the selection of the size

Lace Harness Teddy Bodysuit – 14717

When choosing sexy underwear on Taobao, be sure to pay attention to the choice of size.Because the size of the brand and the manufacturer is different, it must be based on its actual figure and the selection of the size table.

4. Confirm the quality of the fabric

The quality of the fabric of sex underwear is very important, and low -quality fabrics may cause damage to the skin.Before placing an order on Taobao, confirm the ingredients of the fabric. Generally, the sexy underwear uses skin -friendly soft fabrics, such as silk, lace, cotton, polyester, etc.

5. Details determine quality

The quality of erotic underwear includes not only basic elements such as styles, quality, size, but also fine details.When placing an order on Taobao, you can carefully observe the details of the underwear according to the picture and text of the product detail page, such as whether the line head is neat and the lace is exquisite.

6. Reading product evaluation

The receiving evaluation of Taobao underwear can provide the actual use of the products.Before placing an order on Taobao, you may wish to look at the product evaluation. Choose underwear with better word -of -mouth and more comments, which will help reduce the risk of buying.

7. Choose the right seller

It is also important to choose the right seller when placing an orderly lingerie on Taobao.High -quality sellers usually provide intimate pre -sale, mid -sales, after -sales service, and reasonable prices and preferential policies.It is recommended to choose a seller with a large transaction volume and better evaluation.

Thigh High

8. Confirm the logistics method

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must confirm the logistics method and the time of delivery to avoid delay.Under normal circumstances, the logistics methods of Taobao underwear include postal packages, express delivery, SF, etc., and choose to choose according to their needs and budgets.

9. The precautions after receiving the product

After receiving the sexy underwear when you receive Taobao, you should pay attention to check whether the quality and size of the underwear are appropriate, and replace or return it in time.At the same time, cleaning according to the washing instructions of the underwear.

10. The importance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special clothing, which not only can enhance women’s body curves and charm, but also the key elements that enhance interest and enhance the relationship between husband and wife.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, do not just consider styles and quality, but consider its importance and role as a whole.