Sexy underwear strap socks AV

Sexy underwear strap socks AV


There are many types of erotic underwear, but in it, hanging sticks AV is a favorite type.The perfect combination of underwear and socks is a symbol of sexy and is widely used by AV actresses.Let’s take a deeper understanding of suspended socks AV underwear.

What is a hanging sticks AV underwear?

The bars AV underwear is a combination of two elements of sling and socks.As the name suggests, the suspender is a vest that can be lifted by the shoulders, and socks are a cylinder that stretches from the foot to the thigh.Because it reflects sexy and gender temptation, it is often used in adult places and the AV industry.

Where is the charm of hanging stocking AV underwear?

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Hanging sticks AV underwear can interpret the sexy body curve of women to the fullest, especially for women with long legs. Putting on hanging sticks AV underwear can better show their slender legs.

What occasion is suitable for hanging sticks AV underwear?

Hanging bars AV underwear is usually a choice of adults or special occasions, such as makeup balls and role -playing.This underwear has a strong sexy and erotic taste, and it is not appropriate to wear on formal occasions.

How to buy hanging sticks AV underwear?

It is very important to choose a hanging bars and AV underwear for you.First of all, you should choose the style and color you like, and then confirm whether the size is appropriate.Finally, you can pay attention to the quality and price of fabrics to ensure your purchase safety and reasonable.

How to wear hanging sticks AV underwear?

You need to pay special attention to wearing a hanging bars AV underwear. First of all, you must wear a strap, and then wear socks, especially if you should pay attention to whether the part near the button is firm. Finally, gently lift the strap and adjust the comfort.

How to maintain hanging sticks AV underwear?

The hanging sticks need to be washed with cold water hands. The soft agent cannot be used, and the water must be squeezed slowly.Finally, when drying, the socks should be kept downwards to avoid the socks from deforming.

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What clothing can hanging sticky AV underwear?

Hanging sticks AV underwear can be paired with tight skirts or short skirts to show the effect of showing beautiful legs.It is best to choose the clothes with high texture. The high luster fabric is most suitable for matching with a hanging sticks AV underwear.

What are the popular styles of hanging gangster AV underwear?

There are all kinds of suspension bars AV underwear. One of the most popular styles is independent socks and slings. They can be worn on their legs and shoulders, and then connect them together through a slender strap.


The above is our brief introduction to the AV underwear of hanging straps.The hanging stockings AV underwear is loved by a large number of people with the characteristics of sexy and gender temptation.When buying, you must pay attention to size, texture and price, as well as some details when wearing and maintenance.