Sexy underwear pajamas women sexy Chinese style

Sexy underwear pajamas women sexy Chinese style

1 Introduction

As one of the essential items for modern women, sexy underwear and parsley have developed from traditional sexy styles to various styles and styles.Among them, the Chinese style and fun underwear pajamas show unique colors and patterns, which can not only reflect the charm of Chinese classical culture, but also show the self -confidence and sexy of modern women.This article will introduce the various styles and applicable occasions of Chinese style and fun underwear pajamas.

2. Cheongsam -style sexy underwear and pajamas

Cheongsam -style sexy underwear and pajamas are designed with cheongsam. It is a style with feminine charm and romantic feelings.Cheongsam -style sexy underwear and pajamas usually use bright colors and patterns. In addition, it will be matched with various details, such as tassels, lace, lace, etc., showing women’s gracefulness and unruly wildness.Applicable occasions are: family warm dating, Valentine’s Day gifts, party gatherings, etc.

3. Concubine laughing sexy underwear parsley

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Concubine laughing lingerie pajamas are a kind of sexy underwear that combines ancient Chinese court style with modern fashion elements.The concubine laughs usually choose fresh and elegant colors and patterns to highlight the tenderness and elegance of women.The design is incorporated into the elements such as pair skirts, loose robes, and flower cluster headwear that ancient concubines often wear. In addition, the materials are sophisticated and good, which interprets the elegant and confident temperament of urban women.Applicable occasions: sweet alone, leisure at home, romantic vacation, etc.

4. Kimono sexy underwear and pajamas

Kimono -style underwear pajamas are a style that combines kimono and modern underwear.The kimono design is usually elegant, gray, dark, etc., with elegant patterns and patterns.After putting it on, it can show the elegance and ladylike temperament of women. In addition, the elements of Japanese kimono are integrated, and the shadows of kimono can be seen on the design of the neckline, cuffs, belts, etc., revealing a charm of oriental beauty.Applicable occasions: Hefeng Tea Ceremony, Jewelry Display, Conference reception, etc.

5. Lace sexy underwear and pajamas

Lace sexy underwear pajamas is a sophisticated detail and a sexy underwear with lace fabrics.The breathability of lace fabrics is very good, the texture is soft, and the feel is comfortable. At the same time, the pattern of the lace fabric can also make the temperament more gentle and gentle.The main feature of lace -style sexy lingerie is that it can portray the sexy charm of women and pass it out.Applicable occasions: romantic nights, wardrobe show, fun dressing, etc.

6. Yangli sexy underwear pajamas

Yangli -style sexy underwear pajamas is a style that combines thousands of charm.Yangli style Chinese red is the main color, because red represents enthusiasm and vitality, which is very sexy.Yangli style is suitable for wearing strong personalities, and the design combines patterns such as apricot flowers and plum blossoms, which can perfectly express the more vivid feeling of sexy toys in women’s hands.Applicable occasions: night entertainment, lover holiday, makeup ball, etc.

7. Small fresh -style sexy underwear pajamas

The small fresh sexy underwear and pavilion are mainly fresh and elegant tones, showing women’s graceful and gentle temperament.In the design of small fresh -style sexy underwear and parster clothes, it is usually mainly small floral, blue and white, dark green, etc. There will be decoration of elements such as small bows and lace edges. The use of color and design cleverly can create retro to retro.The temperament beauty and small fresh feeling.Applicable occasions: natural walk, birthday party, girlfriends dinner, etc.

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8. Chinese national style and sexy underwear pajamas

Chinese national style and fun underwear pajamas are a style with deep cultural heritage.The Chinese national style is usually based on ancient patterns and patterns, which can show the charm and depth of Chinese culture.The main characteristics of Chinese -style nation’s fun underwear and pavilion are incorporated into the traditional Chinese culture, allowing the wearers to show their beauty and charm through various patterns, hand -woven, and detailed decoration.Applicable occasions: Chinese wedding, ethnic festivals, tourism and so on.


Gold Silk Embroidered Underwear Pajada is a style with golden silk embroidery, which belongs to high -end sexy underwear pajamas.Golden Silk -embroidered underwear and pajamas, as the name implies, are embroidered on the underwear through hand -embroidered golden yarn, making the underwear full of high -level and aristocratic atmosphere.In terms of design, gold silk embroidered lingerie pajamas are usually exquisite and unique, and the material is sophisticated and finely workmanship. It is a very collective value of sexy underwear pajamas.Applicable occasions: banquet dinner, important gatherings, theme party perception.

10. Summary

Sexy underwear pajamas Female sexy Chinese style is a new fashion that integrates multiple styles and culture.We can find our favorite styles from cheongsam style, concubine laughing, kimono, lace, Yangli, small fresh, Chinese national style, golden silk embroidery, etc., and choose the most suitable for different occasions.shape.Whether it is a banquet dinner, important gatherings, or special occasions such as new wedding nights, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions, they can show the beauty and sexy of women.