Sexy underwear open hips open crotch

Sexy underwear open hips open crotch

What is sexy lingerie, open hips open crotch

Falling underwear, as a special underwear, has a strong sexy and tempting.In this underwear, the open hips and open crotch are widely used, which refers to the design of open crotch and exposed hips in the panties, which expose the private parts and hips of the wearer and enhance the sexy effect.This design often combines some special materials and decorations, such as lace, mesh, silk, etc., which can not only meet your visual needs, but also strengthen the atmosphere of love and realize the passion of sexual life.

Common sexy lingerie exposed hips open crotch style

The design inspiration of sexy underwear open hips is inspired by all kinds of thoughts and cultural backgrounds, so there are many styles.Common ones:

Lace, hollow, transparent and other materials made of exposed buttocks open crotch panties;

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The chest is exposed on the top, and the two -piece underwear in the pussy is revealed below;

Overall hollow gauze or silk pants made of silk;

Tight -fitting all -inclusive underwear exposed the chest and hips.

Sexy underwear exposed hips open crotch wear and precautions

For the first trials of sexy lingerie, the wearer, you need to pay attention to the following points:

First of all, you must choose your own size to avoid uncomfortable wear, affect sexual desire and action.

Secondly, we must pay attention to other accessories on the body, such as the neck necklace and the bracelet of the wrist to enhance sexy.

Before wearing, you need to wash your hands fully to ensure the cleaning of the crotch and avoid infection.

Before sexual behavior, you need to take off your sexy lingerie and open your crotch, or let the two sides perform sexual behavior in the case of wearing to ensure convenience and health.

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The effect and adaptation of sexy underwear exposed buttocks open crotch

Sexy underwear open hips can enhance the pleasure of sex, improve women’s self -confidence and charm, make the process of sexual life more active and active. It is very suitable for women who have sex with the initial experience and couples who want to try new atmosphere and excitement.It is worth noting that only with the consent and communication of both parties can this sexual way of sex.

Recommended brand recommendation of sexy underwear exposed hips

The mainstream sexy underwear brands on the market will sell exposed buttocks open -crotch -style underwear. Among them, the more well -known brands are:


Say sure;


Missy l;



Sex underwear exposed hips open crotch maintenance and cleaning

Sexy underwear exposed hips open crotch usually adds a lot of lace and mesh decoration. Special maintenance and cleaning need to be carried out to ensure the integrity and hygiene of the underwear:

Hand washing: Use laundry powder or special detergent to gently wash;

Do not use bleaching agents: Do not use bleach or other chemical preparations during the cleaning process;

Avoid machine washing: Sending underwear exposed hips and open crotch should not be cleaned with washing machines.

Suggestions for placing order and purchase of sexy underwear

When buying a sexy lingerie, you need to consider the following points carefully:

Make sure you choose the right size;

Find a safe shopping platform, buy confidential and cheap products;

If you are buying for the first time, you can buy the design of the basic function first;

Read the relevant terms such as returns, after -sales, etc. before submitting the order.

The relationship between sexy underwear and hips open crotch and emotional life

Sexy underwear open hips open crotch is a kind of sex toy, and its role in emotional life is also more significant.This underwear style can enhance the sexual desire of both sides, ignite the flames of love, and promote the relationship between each other.


Sex underwear open hips open crotch can promote sexual behavior and emotional life, but it is not a necessity.If you are willing to express natural and authenticity, you can also find great fun and satisfaction in sexual life.