Sexy underwear OL

Sexy underwear OL

Interesting underwear OL: With a little tone in the rules

1. OL essential, new experience of sexy underwear

The corporate culture is changing, and the workplace dress is also changing.A beautiful sexy underwear allows OLs to show other personal charm in the workplace, and at the same time, it also enhances self -confidence and improves the quality and efficiency of work.

2. Know the sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to the unique and sexy underwear with a unique style. Special design and special colors allow the wearer to bring different feelings in the fun atmosphere.Common styles include mini skirts, butterflies, chest installations, three -point style, etc.

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3. Common style introduction

● Mini skirt: Usually the length of the body or one -third, helping to emphasize the hip curve.

● Butterfly dress: Do not wear tops, stockings with flat trousers, can show the full beauty of the chest.

● Open the chest: Dew on the chest, very sexual features.

● Three points: three decorative points are on the chest and two thighs.

4. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Each woman has their own body shape and beauty. Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can achieve more effort to achieve more effort and create different personality and charm.

5. The color and material of sexy underwear

Color combination can enhance temperament. Choosing noble colors such as dark red, purple -red, etc. can enhance the charm of women. In terms of material, it is recommended to choose light and light, and choose high -quality products according to your own attention.

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6. Taboo places to wear sexy underwear

After all, the workplace is a formal environment, and strict requirements on wear. Therefore, in public places such as daily work, meetings, negotiations, etc., you should not wear sexy underwear to avoid being considered inappropriate behavior.

7. Applicable occasions wearing sexy underwear

In addition to work occasions, women can wear sexy underwear on special occasions, such as lovers’ birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, dating and other special occasions to make themselves more beautiful.

8. Falling underwear maintenance

Dry cleaning is one of the protection methods of sexy underwear. It can effectively protect the details of the underwear, so as not to cause wear. If you want to do it at home, please pay attention to temperature and materials to avoid using bleach and high temperature drying.

9. Sex underwear matching

With the same color panties and coats is the key to sexy underwear. The main sexy sexy underwear needs to be paired with a strong shirt, formal professional skirt, etc. This can not only highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear, and it will not be too demon.

10. Conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear in the workplace needs to choose cautiously. Fochian underwear is a very personal item. Only when wearing special occasions can we have the best results.For women who are struggling in the workplace, health, confidence and elegance are the most beautiful.