Sexy underwear model Xu Fangwei

Sexy underwear model Xu Fangwei

Who is the sexy underwear model Xu Fangwei?

Xu Fangwei, a famous sexy underwear model in Taiwan, China, is not only white and beautiful, tall, but also an excellent performance artist.She won the title of "Top Ten Sexy Girls in Taiwan" in 2005 because her beauty, figure and charm were worshiped by countless fans.Since then, Xu Fangwei has become one of the representative figures of sexy underwear models, showing her charm for many brands.

Xu Fangwei’s sexy underwear show

Xu Fangwei’s performance on the fun underwear show is amazing.She can always show the design and aesthetics of underwear in the hottest and most sexy way.Interest underwear is a unique fashion. Its design style is bold and full of creativity. Xu Fangwei shows it to the fullest.Her performance is sometimes sweet and glamorous, and she can always resonate with the audience. It is a highlight of the sexy lingerie show.

Xu Fangwei endorsement brand

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Xu Fangwei has many sexy underwear brands endorsed. Among them, the most well -known brand is the Hong Kong brand "ILOVEVENUS". After she became the brand’s spokesperson, she brought more fans and attention.Other brands, such as "Manfo Instead,", have also cooperated with her.

Xu Fangwei’s styling style

Xu Fangwei’s style is mainly fresh, sweet, and sexy. Her favorite costumes are mini skirts, leggings, low -cut tops, etc.Her beauty is not only reflected in appearance, but also in her inner temperament and smile.Her sweetness and sexy have made countless men crazy, and also allowed women to learn her dress style and makeup skills.

Xu Fangwei’s body and health

Xu Fangwei’s figure is a major advantage of her career, but she also pays attention to health.She believes that good health is the most important, so she pays attention to diet and exercise, and insists on sleeping for eight hours a day.She has also publicly publicized a healthy diet and lifestyle, hoping that her fans can follow her.

Xu Fangwei’s works and performance

In addition to making sexy underwear models, Xu Fangwei often participates in various activities and variety shows.She sang songs in "Extreme Red, White and Blue" in 2006 and as a guest in the 2010 "Cool Dog Champion Show".In addition, she also published her own photo album and sexy underwear style guide, which is very sought after by fans.

Xu Fangwei’s future plan

As a famous sexy underwear model, Xu Fangwei has won countless fans and supporters.Her future planning has also attracted much attention.She once said that she hopes to continue to develop her career in various fields such as television, music and movies in the future, and hopes that she can become a successful female entrepreneur.

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Xu Fangwei’s achievements and contributions

Xu Fangwei’s charm and ability are self -evident.She not only became the representative of the sexy underwear model, but also fully demonstrated her talents and ability in singing and performing.Her success is not only personal, but also represents the development and change of sexy underwear in Taiwan and mainland China.She is both a star, model, but also a representative of the sexy underwear culture.

Xu Fangwei’s inspiration to us

Xu Fangwei fully demonstrates the charm and confidence of women. Her success comes from both talents and continuous efforts and learning.She tells us that as long as you have confidence and courage, you can succeed in doing what he wants to do.We can gain a lot of confidence and inspiration from her successful experience, believe in our ability, and make better performance and achievements in the field of her choice.


Xu Fangwei is a famous sexy underwear model in Taiwan, China, and a spokesperson and image representative of many brands.She has won countless fans and supporters with a fresh, sweet, sexy image and unique talent.Her success not only brought her honor and reputation, but also contributed to the development of sexy underwear culture.We should be inspired from her success and become more confident, brave and hard.Believe in yourself and do what you want to do to get better achievements.