Sexy underwear joke

Sexy underwear joke

Foreword: Interest underwear is not terrible

In this era, sexy underwear is no longer a rare thing. More and more people are beginning to understand and try this field, but due to their unfamiliar things and misunderstandings about this kind of new things, there will still be some jokes and blushing and embarrassing scenes.Essence

1. The embarrassment of mistakes for sexy underwear

A young man bought a set of sexy underwear online, but because he did not look at the size carefully, he bought a set of obviously too small underwear. When he tried to put on, the scene was embarrassing, the underwear was painful, and people laughed.Essence

2. No panic with underwear

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After buying a new sexy underwear, some ladies do not know how to match it, so when she puts it on, the matching effect of the underwear and other clothing is very strange. It is like wearing a large or too small clothes and committed cuteJoke.

3. The guests at home are embarrassing

When the guest came, the guest accidentally turned out the owner’s sexy underwear. At this time, the homeowner did not know how to convince himself to pretend to be a dress or sportswear, which made people cry and laugh.

4. Novice uses sexy underwear to be unhappy

When some people use sexy underwear for the first time, on the one hand, they may work hard to wear them. On the other hand, they are also worried about the effect of underwear. Some people may be discouraged and even give up. This situation is easy to have jokes.

5. I don’t know about sexy underwear misunderstandings

There are still many people’s understanding of sexy underwear misunderstandings. They believe that sexy underwear is just a sexual appliance. This idea is not only wrong, but also very embarrassing. Once this theory is mistakenly entered in a certain occasion, infinite infinite infiniteness will occur.Embarrassment.

6. Wearing the wrongdoing underwear

Some people may also wear the wrong situation when wearing fun underwear. The scenes of fat ladies wearing beautiful underwear, large breasts wearing small underwear, and men’s underwear are very ridiculous.


7. Men’s funny image of wearing sexy underwear

Some men also like to try to wear sexy underwear, but they make people laugh. Sometimes they have to ask women to help without knowing how to wear underwear. The funny scenes are very stingy.

8. The wolf woman wrapping the sexy underwear

Those who run to the sex underwear store may choose to wrap the underwear secretly because they are worried that they will be discovered by others, but wrapped in a long and heavy burden on the road will attract the attentionbad impression.

9. Wear sex underwear on wrong occasions

Sometimes women wear sexy underwear on inappropriate occasions, such as participating in relatives and friends gatherings, corporate conferences and other non -sexual occasions. This makes them embarrassed and often becomes the protagonist in a joke.

10. Language ridiculous joke

There are also some people to create sexy lingerie jokes through language ridicule, which is also very popular.For example, some people are called "bicycle underwear" because they can make people feel unnatural.

Viewpoint: Interest underwear is not a toy, nor is it a symbol of bad fun.After understanding the materials and functions of underwear, we will find that they can also bring us fun and beauty, so we should gradually get rid of misunderstandings and fear of sexy underwear, try and feel new experiences.