Sexy underwear is the most expensive

Sexy underwear is the most expensive

Sexy underwear is the most expensive

Interest underwear has always been considered a sexy clothing, and the price of sexy underwear launched by some high -end brands is getting more and more expensive.This article will introduce some of the most expensive styles of sexy underwear, so that you can solve the sexy underwear market more deeply.

1. Pearl inlaid inlaid Incubine underwear

Pearl inlaid erotic underwear is launched by some high -end brands. These sexy underwear is mainly based on tulle. Pearls will be inlaid on tulle. High -end sexy underwear will even use diamonds to replace pearls, so that these interests will be used to make these interestsThe price of underwear is higher.

2. 18K gold silk sexy underwear

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Now there are some sexy underwear made of 18K gold silk. These underwear are designed with diverse designs. There are two pieces and single pieces, but the price is very expensive.Jewelry designers will tailor these sexy underwear according to the consumer’s body shape, so the price difference will be relatively large.

3. Real Silk Fun Planet

The price of real silk sex underwear is also very high, because the cost of real silk is relatively high, and at the same time, it is more difficult to knit the real silk.In some high -end brand’s sexy underwear, the ratio of real silk is everywhere.

4. Diamond inlaid inlaid underwear

Some high -end brands of sexy underwear will be used to build diamonds. Except for some small accessories, the entire underwear is composed of diamonds.The price of this sexy underwear is naturally high, but many people are willing to buy high prices in order to pursue noble taste.

5. Lace erotic underwear

Lace erotic underwear is usually sewn by hand, and the material uses some high -end fabrics. The entire underwear is very fine.

6. Putting in sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear brands will use some high -end pad technology to make the chest more upright and sexy.The cost of this sexy underwear is more expensive, but the comfort is also very high. Wearing this sexy underwear can completely get rid of the traditional shoulder strap.


7. Silk sexy sheet

Silk erotic underwear is usually made by some professional high -quality underwear teams. This kind of sexy underwear is produced on the one hand because of high costs for production, and on the other hand, silk is also a expensive material.

8. Fun Planets

The pricing of fish net sex underwear is also relatively high, the main reason is that because of their popularity period, so that the current fishnet sexy underwear is also scarce.At the same time, the materials used in fish nets are also more expensive.

9. Shoulder strap sexy underwear

The shoulder strap erotic underwear is launched by some high -end brands. This unique design aims to highlight the unique temperament of women in sexy.So in terms of sexy, this sexy underwear is an absolute pinnacle.

10. Perspective sexy underwear

Permaneous sexy underwear has always been the focus of high -end brands, because this design is very imaginative, and the faintly exposed colors can also satisfy some of the secret wishes of consumers.The price has also increased a lot.

In summary, the current sex underwear market is originally a very high -end market, so the most expensive sexy underwear is also understandable.After all, high prices also represent its higher quality level.