Sexy underwear female bra

Sexy underwear female bra

Female underwear female bra: make you more sexy, confident and charming

The role of a bra

The bra was designed to protect women’s chest.She can wrap her breasts to prevent her breasts from sagging and reduce the discomfort caused by undulating during walking.In addition, it can beautify the chest shape and make women more confident and charm.

How to choose a bra that suits you

It is important to choose a bra that suits you.First, choose the appropriate cup and bust size.

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Second, choose a style that suits you.For example, people who want to closer their chest distance can choose to gather; people who want to make their chests tall can choose thick models; people who want to become smoother and smoother can choose a T -shirt type.

The design of the sex underwear bra

The sexy underwear bra is more sexy and charming than ordinary bra.Most of them use transparent, lace, velvet and other materials. The design is more delicate. There are many unique details, such as beads, bows, lace, etc.They have a variety of shapes, with triangular cups, shoulder straps, hoods and other styles, plus a variety of pattern patterns, which are very tempting.

Mini Bikini corset

Mini bikini corset is a very sexy bra.Its name comes from a bikini swimsuit.The diverse mini -bikini corset allows women to choose their favorite style according to their preference.Their materials are generally silk, red lace, transparent plastic and so on.Their design decoration is generally reflected in ribbon, lace and neck chain.Mini bikini corset is the favorite of women who increase sexy and self -feelings.


Bralette is more like a fashion accessory, not just functional underwear.Unlike ordinary corset, Bralette does not require steel or plastic support styles, so the pants are low and the design is more free.Their fabric choices are also more colorful and fashionable, and can be matched with single -shirts, dress and other items.In addition, Bralette often has some vests or knots styles to highlight the beautiful figure of women.

Strapless Bra

Strapless Bra is the most sexy and exaggerated type of women’s underwear. She can make a very beautiful rectangular framework for her shoulders, forearms and chests, showing the beautiful and perfect figure of women.The characteristic of the shoulderless bra is that there is no shoulder strap, and the exposed shoulders are sexy. Even if you wear open -back clothes, you will not leave traces. It is very easy to wear.

Nipple Tassels

Charm vest (babydoll) underwear

Babydoll underwear is one of the most suitable sexy underwear wearing women at night.She is composed of short tops and short skirts that are loosened by the upper body.Their lace, transparent material and detail design will show your soft dynamics in front of the couple.Whether it is for open -air parties in the bedroom or dull daily life, Babydoll’s comfort and charm can warm you.

Proper matching method

Different styles of fun bra should be paired with different clothes when choosing.For example, a mini -bikini corset can be paired with mini skirts or shorts, and the charm vest can be paired with long skirts or straight pants.The matching can be used to maximize your sexy and attractiveness.

Questions about size

Many women are worried about whether the newly purchased underwear is appropriate.It should be noted that the size of the underwear is not always the same as the size of clothes.Therefore, when buying underwear, we must prevail in measurement size and follow the size provided by the manufacturer rather than their own guess.


Underwear is closely close -fitting clothing, and be sure to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.Generally, warm water should be used, and do not use bleach or powerful agents for washing.The method of maintaining the original shape after washing is to dry naturally to avoid sunlight in the sun.In addition, it is not advisable to wear too tight bras, otherwise it will affect breast development and breast secretion, and even cause lesions.


Female underwear female bra is both a practical underwear, but also a must -have for women to enhance self -confidence, sexy, and charming.Choosing the right underwear and matching methods can not only show the beautiful figure of women, but also make women more confident and charm.Therefore, buying a sexy underwear female bra is a very valuable investment.