Sexy lingerie long leg stockings


As an important part of sexy lingerie long legs and stockings, it is loved by women.Many women want to put on them to show their beauty and sexy, but they also face some problems.Below, we will introduce the purchase, dressing, and cleaning of sexy lingerie long legs and stockings.

How to buy long -legged stockings?

When buying long -legged stockings, you must first determine the size based on your height and weight.Too small size will cause pantyhose to be too tight, affecting blood circulation, especially for the legs.In addition, choose long -legged stockings with good quality, soft fabric and good breathability to avoid stimulation to the skin.

How to wear long leg stockings?

When wearing long -legged stockings, you must first ensure that your hands and your toes are dry so that you can put on pantyhose more easily.If long -legged stockings have a tip, you should first pull the tip of the foot, put your toes into the tip and gradually pull up until the entire pantyhose is put on the waist.Be careful not to adjust too much up and down to avoid affecting blood circulation and sleep.

How to match clothes and shoes?

As a sexy sexy underwear, long -legged stockings should pay attention to matching clothes and shoes when wearing.Generally speaking, it is best to choose black or light -colored skirts and high -heeled shoes to match long leg stockings.If you want to increase sexuality, you can choose to show your belly or back top.

How to maintain long -legged stockings?

The maintenance of long -legged stockings is very important. If it is incorrect maintenance, it will cause damage to it.First of all, use a neutral cleaner when cleaning, and you should not be too hard whenhable to avoid grinding fabrics.Secondly, avoid exposure when drying to avoid cracking or fading.In addition, it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moist and mildew.

How to prevent long legs and stockings?

Long -legged stockings hook hair is a very disturbing thing.In order to avoid hook hair, we should first try to avoid wearing long nails or gloves and pantyhose.Secondly, pay attention to artificial friction and hooks during the process of dressing, and trim the hair balls and pine lines in time.

How to avoid long -legged stockings tooth printing?

Long -legged stockings tooth printing is also a common problem, especially when wearing high heels.In order to avoid teeth, you can choose long -legged stockings with appropriate thickness, and as much as possible to choose shoes with large coverage of high heels.

Use taboos of long -legged stockings

Long -legged stockings are not suitable for everyone, especially for the following groups: people with varicose veins, deep venous thrombosis, arteriosclerosis and other diseases; people with severe allergies; pregnant women; high -intensity exercises.

Fashion match for long leg stockings

In addition to being a sexy underwear, long -legged stockings can also be used as a fashion matching item.For example, it can be paired with short skirts or shorts, especially in autumn and winter. Wearing boots with long leg stockings is a very fashionable dress.

Sexy charm of long -legged stockings

The reason why long -legged stockings can be favored by women not only can increase women’s beauty and sexy, but also because of the sexy charm of long -legged stockings.They can make women show their self -confidence and charm, and make the fun life more colorful and interesting.

in conclusion

Correct understanding of the purchase, dressing, and maintenance of long -legged stockings are the prerequisite for ensuring sexy and health.Only by maintaining the right way can we improve the life of sexy underwear, and it can also make women more beautiful, confident and sexy.

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