Sexual lingerie store trademark design drawing

Sexual lingerie store trademark design drawing

Background introduction

As a soft product with intimate relationships, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of modern people’s lives.In the case of increasingly fierce market competition, the trademark design of the sexy underwear store is becoming more and more important.

The importance of trademark design

Trademark design is an important part of the brand construction process of sex underwear stores. Trademarks can not only help consumers identify brands, but also shape the brand’s image and status.An attractive trademark can attract potential customers and increase the company’s popularity and sales.

Trademark design elements

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Trademark design needs to consider multiple elements, including fonts, color, shape, size, and so on.When designing trademarks, you need to consider the preferences of the audience and marketing strategies.

Selection of the font

Fonts can help identify brands. You need to choose simple, easy -to -read, and recognizable fonts to avoid using fonts with too gorgeous and too much detail.

Color choice

Color is very important for trademark design. It is necessary to choose colors that are compatible with brand concepts and product types.Generally, sexy underwear trademark design uses seductive colors, such as red, black, purple and so on.

Choice of shape

The shape of the trademark is also very important. It is necessary to choose the shape that matches the brand image to achieve the impressive effect.In the design of sexy underwear trademarks, the shape of sexy charm is usually adopted, such as heart shape and roses.

Size choice

The size of the trademark needs to consider the use environment and scene of the trademark. For example, the trademark used on advertising requires a larger number of trademarks, and the trademark used on the product requires less.At the same time, the size of the trademark should be coordinated with the factors such as color, shape.


Cases of sexy underwear trademark design

Many sexy underwear stores have their own unique trademark design, such as Victoria’s secrets use red fonts and angel wings.Adam & EVE uses black fonts and a symbol of eternal snake shape.These trademark design is very successful, making the brand image deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Trademark design in combination with marketing strategies

Trademark design needs to take into account the brand’s positioning and marketing strategy.In the design of sexy underwear brand, many stores will design their trademarks into styles suitable for couples. For example, two stares with each other to form a shape to attract young people’s attention.


Fun underwear trademark design is a very important part of brand building. It needs to design trademarks based on consumer preferences and marketing strategies.Each sexy underwear store has its own unique trademark design, which can be adjusted and improved according to market demand and brand image to achieve better operating performance.

All in all, good sexy underwear trademark design can create a brand image, attract potential customers, and increase brand awareness and sales.Therefore, sexy underwear stores need to consider trademark design carefully, and adjust and improve market demand and marketing strategies.