Sex underwear show toilet

Sex underwear show toilet


Sexy underwear is a must -have for modern women to show charm and sexy.Everyone will have more or less sexy underwear, but do you know which different types of underwear?Let me take you to find out.


D branches are the most common type of sexy underwear. According to the different design of cup types, shoulder straps and straps, it is divided into multiple types.The most basic type of breasts is full cup bra, which can completely cover the chest.There are also half cups, one -third of the cup, hanging neck, and rear buckle. Each bras are different in shape and coverage. You can choose according to your preferences.


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Stockings are the most classic type of sexy underwear, and have unparalleled advantages in showing women’s beautiful legs.In addition to traditional black, flesh, and white, stockings can also have a variety of colors, stamps and flowers to make your beautiful legs more charming.

Milk sticker

The milk sticker is a kind of underwear without straps and straps, which is suitable for using backless or camisole.The design of milk stickers can effectively leave the nipples away from the clothes, making the clothes more personal and comfortable, and maintaining the sexy charm of women.


Similar to stockings, pantyhose is a combination of tight pants and socks.The advantage of it is that it will not fall like stockings, nor is it too tight like pants.Various texture materials, sizes and lengths can meet different needs and occasions.

Veil and gloves

Although not everyone wears in veil and gloves, they still have an irreplaceable position for some special occasions, such as weddings, dinner, etc.The veil can be covered from the head to the face or shoulders, which vaguely reveals a sense of mystery; gloves can increase the tenderness and beauty of women’s hands.

Sexual jacket

Commonwealth jacket is a connecting underwear covering the chest and the chest, usually with transparent materials, hollow design or sexy satin.It has a unique charm of sexy curve, becoming another way to show sexy way.


Erotic coat

Interesting corset is a more sexy underwear than bra.It is different from the bra. It is only to support and shape the breast form, and it is stronger to expose the lines and curves of the chest.There are some sexual corsets with designs such as chest pads or chest stickers on both sides of the chest, making the chest more upright and plump.

Erotic pajama

Interest pajamas are a more sexy way to wear on the bed, making the whole personality story more passionate.It usually uses soft and luster materials such as silk and satin, and uses details such as lace and transparent mesh to create a more tempting effect.

Bellyband and lace sling

The bellyband and lace suspender are also classic styles in sexy underwear.The bellyband is a simple upper body mezzanine that can show the peaceful abdomen of women’s slender waist; lace camisole can show women’s sexy shoulder and clavicle lines while keeping warm.

in conclusion

With the above different types of sexy underwear, you can choose your own charm and self -confidence according to your preferences and personality.Not only that, properly putting on sexy underwear can make women younger, beautiful, confident, but also increase the romance and interest between the other half, making life more colorful.