Sex underwear shortcomings

Sex underwear shortcomings

1. High price

Interest underwear is usually higher than ordinary underwear. This is because they need to use higher -quality fabrics and more complicated manufacturing processes to ensure that their appearance and performance meet design standards.In addition, sexy underwear is usually produced by high -end brand manufacturers, which usually increases their costs.

2. It may not be suitable for daily wear

Because their design and fabrics, sexy underwear may not be suitable for daily wear, because these clothes usually pay more attention to sexy and visual effects, not comfort and practical.So if you are looking for daily underwear, you need to choose other types of underwear.

3. The size is relatively limited

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Compared with other types of underwear, the size of sex underwear is usually more limited, and it is often unable to fully adapt to various types of body types.If your body is special, you may need to spend more time to choose the style and size that suits you.

4. Not convenient cleaning

Due to the design and production process of sexy underwear, cleaning them may take more time and energy.Some styles may only be washed by hand, or special cleaning agents and methods are required.This gives people some troubles, especially if you need to clean these underwear frequently.

5. Excessive exposure area

Interest underwear usually exposes large skin, which means that when wearing them, you may need to choose occasions and types of activity with caution.Some sexy styles may be embarrassing or uncomfortable, especially in public.Therefore, you need to grasp the occasion and how to wear cautiously.

6. It takes more time to wear it before it

Because sexy underwear usually has complex design and structure, wearing them requires relatively much time and energy.This can increase the time you need to go out, which may not be suitable for those who want to wear underwear quickly and go out.

7. It may bring a sense of discomfort

Due to the design and fabrics of sexy underwear, it may bring uncomfortable feeling, especially for those who are more sensitive to the fabric texture.In addition, some styles may put too much pressure on the chest and waist, which will cause discomfort and pain.

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8. Must be matched with suitable clothes to play a sexy effect

Sex underwear usually needs to match the corresponding clothes to play a sexy effect.These clothes need to have some sexy underwear design elements to enhance the sexy of the clothes.If there is no proper match, sexy underwear may lose its original charm.

9. Not suitable for all body types

Sexy underwear is usually suitable for those who are slim or curved, but they are not suitable for those who are fat or too slim.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to choose a style that suits your own figure.

10. There may be problems with inconsistencies in size

Because the design and production process of sexy underwear are relatively special, the size between different manufacturers may be different.Therefore, you need to confirm the size you need in advance, and carefully check the sizes of the underwear to ensure that you buy a size that suits you.

In general, sexy underwear has a variety of disadvantages and is not suitable for everyone, but if you can carefully choose the style and size suitable for you, and properly maintain and match, then you can enjoy the beauty of them brought by themAnd mystery.