Night Fire Innerwear Model Rui Rui

Night Fire Innerwear Model Rui Rui

Night Fire Innerwear Model Rui Rui

Night -Fire Intellectual Underwear is one of the well -known brands in the domestic market.In terms of sales of sexy underwear, in addition to strong product quality, there is also a modeling model team with nightfire.

Lu Rui’s personal introduction

Lu Rui is a senior model of Yehuo’s underwear. He once performed well on various fashion shows and underwear shows.She has a pair of fascinating legs, smooth skin and elegant and sexy temperament.

Lu Rui endorsement product

Asymmetrical Long Lace & Mesh Gown With G-String – A010

Lu Rui’s endorsement products mainly include romantic series, sexy series, and adult series of nightfire sex lingerie.Each product has a unique design and excellent fabric, which can meet the needs of different consumer groups.

Romantic series

The romantic series of products are mainly rabbit girls, nurses, flight attendants, etc., with simple and elegant design.Lu Rui’s romantic series of lingerie has a variety of underwear styles, bright colors, full of girly feelings, like a breeze brushing warm heart.

Sexy series

The sexy series products are mainly based on lace, hollow, and seductive sexy.This type of product design focuses on details, and uses high -grade lace and soft and comfortable fabrics. The quality is good.Lu Rui’s endorsement of the sexy series of underwear shows the sexy side, full of impact and challenge.

Adult series

The product of the adult series is a highlight of the nightfire sexy underwear, which focuses on bold and explicit design, as well as SM and sexy toys involved.Lu Rui’s endorsement adult series underwear is colorful and versatile, stimulus, and can bring a completely different experience to consumers in terms of visual and sensory.

Ru Rui’s way of dressing

Lu Rui passed on the method and skills of nightfire’s sexy underwear to more people.She always puts underwear just right, showing a harmonious aesthetic, neither is too explicit nor conservative.

Lingerie Set

Promotion of Night Fire Interesting Underwear

Under the promotion of Lu Rui, Yehuo Interests is loved by the popular lovers.In terms of expanding brand influence, Lu Rui’s endorsement role cannot be underestimated.

The impact on the sex underwear market

The night fire sex lingerie and other brands have jointly promoted the development of the sex underwear market.Lu Rui passed the healthy, fashionable and sexy lifestyle to more people through endorsement of night fire underwear.


The development of Yehuo’s underwear has played an important role in promoting the growth and development of the entire sexy underwear industry.Born Lu Rui, an excellent model, is a powerful platform for night fire sex underwear, and can also promote the nightfire sexy underwear into more people’s vision.It is believed that in the near future, the share of night fire and sexy underwear in the sex underwear market will become increasing.