Japanese sex lingerie exhibition video

Japanese sex lingerie exhibition video

Japanese sex lingerie exhibition video

Sexy underwear is a special underwear category to create a more romantic and sexy atmosphere for couples, and Japan has always been one of the important markets that the sex underwear industry cannot ignore.In Japan, the Info Underwear Exhibition is a very popular event. In order to understand more about such exhibitions, we watch a video of Japanese sexy underwear exhibition.

First group: European and American sexy underwear

In this exhibition, we can see a lot of sexy underwear brands from Europe and the United States. They mainly use sexy and bold design styles and use a variety of different materials and colors.These underwear attracted the attention of the audience with rich details and sense of design and let them stop to watch.

Second group: cute cartoon theme underwear

Fishnet Cut Out Bodystocking – 7159

In Japan’s sexy underwear exhibition, cute and cartoon -themed underwear is also popular.These underwear are usually based on anime characters, pandas and kittens. The design pays more attention to cute and playful styles. This kind of underwear is mainly facing the young women’s market.

The third group: retro style sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of the retro theme also attracted attention in this exhibition. These underwear usually use lace, satin, silk and other high -quality materials to reproduce the classical charm.This style of underwear design is more elegant and delicate, and the charm lies in its details and handicrafts.

The fourth group: different body type of sexy underwear

In this exhibition, we can also see sexy underwear of different styles and sizes, and launch various design and style underwear for people of different body types.In this way, anyone can find a sexy lingerie style and size that suits them.

Fifth group: delicate men’s sexy underwear

Although most of the sexy underwear is feminine as the main market, men’s erotic underwear also appears in this exhibition.These underwear are usually made of leather and grids. Black and dark color are the main colors. The design is more tended with bold and explicit sexy themes.

Sixth group: sexy underwear used for sex activities

As a special underwear for sex activities, suppliers have also launched many unique design of sexy underwear.These underwear usually use other materials and design, which pays more attention to the pleasure of increasing sex, such as open crotch underwear, restraining the restraint of the lower body underwear.


The seventh group: artificially developed sexy underwear

With the development of technology, some companies tried to integrate robotics into sexy underwear and launched an artificially formulated sexy underwear product.The inspiration of these sexy underwear comes from physical signs such as sex waves, heartbeat and breathing, and hopes to bring more pleasure and enjoy sexual experience through technical changes.

Group 8: Environmental sexy underwear

Compared with traditional erotic underwear, environmental and sexy underwear pays more attention to environmental protection, which is also a major feature in this exhibition.These underwear uses reused materials to reduce waste and pollution to the environment.

in conclusion:

By watching the video of this exhibition, we concluded that sexy underwear has developed from the traditional minority group toys to a market full of creativity and multiculturalism.Whether it is sexy bold style, cute cartoon series, or environmentally friendly style, sexy underwear has gained the love and attention of many people worldwide.