How to wear sex underwear is not embarrassed

How to wear sex underwear is not embarrassed

Sexy underwear is a special underwear wearing in private occasions. It can make your sexy and beautiful view, but wearing erotic underwear is easy to embarrass.What should I do if I want to enjoy the sexy lingerie beautifully?Here are a few tips for you.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is half the success of success.First, choose the appropriate size according to your body.The size of different brands may be different, so it is best to measure your body size before buying, and carefully check the size of each sexy underwear.Second, choose a style that suits you.Different figures and temperament are suitable for different styles, so try more to find the style that suits you best.

2. Maintain self -confidence and nature

When wearing sexy underwear, you must maintain confidence and nature.Because this underwear is to make you more sexy and beautiful, you don’t have to be too stubborn to your physical shortcomings. You must firmly believe that you are beautiful.At the same time, to maintain natural actions and expressions, don’t be too deliberate, which will make people feel unnatural and embarrassed.

3. To choose the right sexy underwear in combination with your own image

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose your own image.If you are a pure and lovely girl, you can choose some sweety underwear, such as lace and bow. If you are a noble and elegant woman, you can choose a simple, generous, low -key luxury sexy underwear.

4. Pay attention to matching

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to matching, do not let the underwear conflict with the clothes you wear.For example, if you wear transparent sexy underwear, you are not suitable for wearing heavy clothes, which will seem uncoordinated.In addition, pay attention to the matching of accessories, and choose the appropriate necklace and earrings and other accessories to make your sexy more colorful.

5. Pay attention to the choice of color

The choice of color is also important.Choose the color that suits your skin tone and temperament, and don’t blindly pursue the trend.For example, if you are white skin tone, you can choose some light -colored sexy underwear, such as pink and light blue.If you are healthy brown skin tone, you can choose some dark -tone sexy underwear, such as black and dark red.

6. Pay attention to the choice of the occasion

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of the occasion.Interest underwear is a relatively private underwear, not all occasions suitable for wearing.If you are with your lover at home, you will be very suitable to wear sexy underwear; if you go to work or participate in formal occasions, it is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.

7. Pay attention to nursing sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear that requires special care.It is best to wash it in your hand when cleaning, because the machine cleaning is easy to damage its structure.If you need to use a washing machine, it is best to choose a soft detergent and use a soft mode.In addition, choose a cool place to dry, do not expose directly.

8. Know how to cooperate

Falling underwear on her body not only tests the wearer’s tolerance and temperament, but also tests the psychological tolerance of those who wearers.Therefore, if your partner is not very suitable for you to wear sexy underwear, you must know how to cooperate and communicate with him gentle and considerate.

9. Pay attention to the body’s attention

The most important thing for wearing sex underwear is the comfort of the body, because only if the body feels comfortable, it will look more beautiful.It is best to clean the skin before wearing underwear and keep dry.If you feel embarrassed because of comfortable problems, you can give priority to maintaining your body’s comfort.

Don’t exaggerate your body or feelings, especially in public or divorced people.Maintaining nature and truth is the most important principle.

When wearing erotic underwear based on these tips, you must remember to maintain confidence and comfort. In this way, you can show your beauty and make yourself more charming.

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