How to speak nice when wearing sex underwear


Step 1: Determine the situation and atmosphere

After wearing a sexy underwear, how to speak is a very important step.First of all, you need to consider the situation and atmosphere.Is it a carnival party or a romantic dinner?After determining the situation, you can determine the tone and content of speaking.

Step 2: Gels in a gentle tone

When you enter the situation, the first sentence is critical.Gasting with your partner with a soft tone will make the atmosphere warmer.

Step 3: Use a sexy tone to suggest the intention

After saying hello, you can use a sexy tone to give your partner some hints to let your partner feel your desire and lust.You need to pay attention to the level of control, too straightforward can make the atmosphere embarrassed.

Step 4: Use direct discourse expression needs

After determining the atmosphere, you can express your needs in direct words.For niche sexual needs, you can use skills or slowly guide your partner to understand your wishes.

Step 5: Praise each other’s body

Speaking of praise to the partner’s body can not only increase the confidence and comfort of both parties, but also make the atmosphere more enthusiastic.

Step 6: Make use of whispering

Whisper is a very effective way to communicate, and it is no exception when wearing sexy underwear.In the appropriate time, speaking some desire words in whispers can make the atmosphere more intense.

Step 7: Express love in sweet language

Expressing words of love for partners can make the atmosphere more romantic and lingering.Don’t be shy, bravely say your feelings.

Step 8: Considering the impact on the feelings of the partner

When speaking, you must consider the feelings of your partner.Expressing understanding and concern when appropriate can make the atmosphere more harmonious.

Step 9: Grasp the speed and tone of speech

In terms of words, the speed and tone are very important.Specific speech speeds can affect the atmosphere, and the tone also needs to pay attention to grasping. Don’t be too hard or exaggerated.

Step 10: Last reminder

When wearing sexy underwear, speaking is also a way to express love.Appropriate words can enhance the atmosphere and make sex more pleasant.However, you need to pay attention to the feelings and opinions of your partner.


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