How about the restraint of sexy underwear

How about the restraint of sexy underwear

How about the restraint of sexy underwear

For a sexy underwear, in addition to sexy, the most important thing is its sense of restraint.The sense of restraint allows the wearer to feel the joy of being controlled in the process of sex, which is also one of the main functions of sexy underwear.So, how is the restraint of sexy underwear?Let’s discuss it in detail below.

#1: Tightening effect

The sense of restraint of erotic underwear depends on its tightening effect.Under normal circumstances, sexy underwear can make the body part more firm and highlight the beauty of women.Some styles of sexy underwear will strengthen the tightening effect, while increasing the difficulty of activity, it also enhances the sense of restraint.

#2: Appropriate degree

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The appropriate degree refers to whether the sense of restraint of sexy underwear is suitable for wearers.Excessive tightness will affect the breathing and comfort of the wearer, while over -looseness loses the effect of restraint.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the size that is suitable for your own.

#3: waist design

The restraint of sex underwear is inseparable from the waist design.The tight waist design allows the sexy underwear to better fix the body, thereby achieving a better restraint effect.And some sexy underwear will also be equipped with belt or waist buckle to enhance the sense of restraint in the waist.

#4: strap style

The strap style is also an important part of the sense of color binding of sexy underwear.Different styles have different restraint effects.For example, a bow strap can form a wing -like effect on the back, increasing sexy and restraint.

#5: Crotch design

The crotch design of sexy underwear is directly related to the comfort and usage of the wearer.Some styles of sexy underwear adopt a split or exposed design, which increases sexy and enhances the sense of restraint in various parts.

#6: Material selection

The use of different materials for sexy underwear will also affect its sense of restraint.Under normal circumstances, the sexy underwear with elastic material has a stronger tightening effect, which enhances the sense of restraint.

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#7: Use occasions

The restraint of sexy underwear is also related to the occasion of use.You can use some more loose sexy underwear when you go out, and you can choose some tighter sexy underwear in the process of sex to highlight the sexy and restraint.

#8: ergonomic engineering

The design of sexy underwear needs to be in line with ergonomics in order to better adapt to the body curve of the wearer.Ergonomic underwear design can better wrap the body, increase the sense of restraint and reduce wear and rebound.

in conclusion

In summary, the sense of restraint of sexy underwear depends on multiple factors, including tightening effects, appropriateness, waist design, strap style, crotch design, material selection, use of use, and ergonomics.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the appropriate style and size according to your own needs and physical conditions.Only by choosing the right sexy underwear can you feel a stronger sense of restraint and joy in the process of sex.