Fun underwear young woman derailment novel fragments

Fun underwear young woman derailment novel fragments

For the topic of sexy underwear, we often pay attention to its style, color, size, etc., but there are some deeper entry points hidden behind them.This article will be a topic of novels, exploring the relationship between young women derailed and sexy underwear.

Fragment 1: The trouble of long -distance love

When they fell in love for three years, she was transferred to the country.In the first few months, the two would interconnect with each other through Internet telephone, WeChat, etc., but gradually, because of busy work, she became more and more indifferent to him.He began to detect the importance of her at this time, so he planned to leave something for her.

Fragment 2: Secret gifts

On this day, he gave her a small gift that contained a sexy sexy underwear.He knew that she was young, lonely, and longed for love, and she couldn’t accompany her.He hoped that this gift would surprise her, and it was also a hint to her.

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Fragment 3: It has produced effects

After a period of time, he found that she began to contact herself on WeChat and showed a closer attitude than before.He was pleased to think that the gift had a little role.As a result, he began to help when her economic constraints, and kept in touch with her more frequently.

Fragment 4: The mentality of change

As a result, her psychology changed.She began to realize her importance to him and rely more and more to depend on his care and care.At the same time, she also began to derail outside, trying to find some stimuli and pleasure.

Fragment 5: The mentality of derailment in different places

Those outside men look more attractive and charming than him.Compared with him, they make her more excited and satisfied.As a result, she began to have a relationship with other men in different places to meet her needs.

Fragment 6: Fascinated with sexy underwear

In the process, she found that she was fascinated with sexy underwear.Whether it is transparent material or the decoration of lace or diamonds, she can make her feel more sexy and beautiful.She began to buy all kinds of sexy underwear online and use it as a must -have equipment when she was derailed.

Fragment 7: The result of self -denial

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After a while, she began to feel tired and tired.She found that those men outside did not seem to be willing to keep in touch with her for a long time.They just fancy her body and didn’t care about her heart.So she began to deny and blame herself.

Fragment 8: Reflection and self -salvation

She began to reflect on her behavior and regain her feelings for him.She found that the erotic underwear no longer excited her, only to make her feel empty and lonely.She began to turn her attention back to him and began to reflect on how to save the relationship.

Fragment 9: Emotion is fixed

After some hard work, she finally recovered her feelings for him, and he was willing to forgive her fault.The two began to review each other’s relationship again, realizing that they should cherish this love more and face future challenges.

Fragment 10: Interesting underwear is not universal

In the end, sexy underwear is not universal.Although it can play a certain role and help to improve some emotional fun and stimulus in cases, it cannot completely replace us the cherishment and maintenance of feelings.We should pay more attention to the establishment of the emotional community, so that each other can truly understand and tolerate each other, rather than just the physical satisfaction.