Fun underwear details story

Fun underwear details story

Details of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a type of underwear, which is different from ordinary underwear that it pays more attention to sexy and interesting performance.A sexy sexy underwear can not only add confidence in women, but also allow men to get great pleasure in the process of appreciation.When designing sexy underwear, a good detail design can make an ordinary underwear very sexy.Here are some stories about the details of sexy underwear.

Fine tailoring design

Fine tailoring of sexy underwear is not a simple detail.Fine tailoring can make more body curves be displayed, and the underwear can fit the body more fit, showing more charming lines.The details of the details are different, the effect of the underwear is different.For example, high waist underwear can better modify the waist curve, while low -waist underwear can show sexy hip lines.

The lace design in the details

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The lace design is the most favorite detail in sexy underwear. Whether it is embroidery, lace or other decorative design, they can have a perfect effect visually.When designing sexy underwear, these lace decorations and details make them very sexy.In many erotic underwear, the designer will add some irregular tailoring to expose the skin of some parts, and then use the lace to make the naked part more mysterious and attractive.

Use of yarn

Sex underwear is usually made of high -quality fabrics and appropriate yarns.During the production of underwear, the fine use of the yarn is indispensable.Too much yarn may affect the appearance of the underwear, and the inadequate yarn can cause rough and easily damaged underwear.The yarn selected in the underwear is preferably high -quality, soft and not easy to generate static electricity.

Metal decoration in the details

Some sexy underwear designers like to add metal decorations on underwear, such as iron wheels and diamonds.These metal decorations can better attract attention and make underwear look more vivid.However, it should be noted that this type of metal decoration must choose high -quality materials, otherwise it will bring bad stimulation and damage to the skin.

Use of elastic fabric

Interest underwear usually requires certain elasticity, and elastic fabrics can better adapt to the body curve.These elastic fabrics can also make underwear more comfortable.Common elastic fabrics include nylon, silk, elastic cotton and polyester fiber.These elastic fabrics usually have good permeability, which can easily breathe the skin and reduce the abnormal situation of sweating, imperceptor and sultry.

Design of underwear cup

Many erotic underwear are designed with underwear cups. These underwear cups are usually made of a variety of materials, such as hard cardboard, foam or cotton.The use of these materials can form the shape of underwear, making it look more beautiful.The design of the underwear cup is usually based on the information that should be passed by underwear, such as innocence, domineering, sexy and fragrant.Through the tailoring of the cup and the choice of fabrics, the underwear can show the perfect effect.


Color matching

Color is one of the most important details in the design of sexy underwear.The designer will carefully select the color to express the information they want to convey.For example, red represents enthusiasm and desire. Black represents mystery and maturity, and white represents innocence and cuteness.When gray meets pink, gray can weaken the bright spots of pink, making it more low -key and mysterious.

Thickness in the details

Thickness is another important detail of sexy underwear.Although sexy underwear is mainly sexy and interesting, wearing comfort is also the focus of customers’ care.Good erotic underwear design should work hard on comfort, so that people can feel the ultimate clothing package and comfort.However, it should be noted that different underwear needs to control the thickness of the thickness, otherwise it may affect the effect of sexy and interesting.

Unique design in the details

Some unique designs, such as neck belts, belts, tops of tops, etc.Once these details are added, they can make underwear more special and more individual.Some unique designs can show the sexy and self -confidence of women, making underwear more complete and more attractive.


The details determine the success or failure, which is even more so for sexy underwear.As an expert in sexy underwear, I think that the details of the sexy underwear are the most important aspects in the production of underwear. Whether it is tailoring design, lace design or yarn, it is necessary to achieve perfection as much as possible.Through the details, the sexy underwear can better show a mysterious and sexy side.Only through high -quality details, sexy underwear can make women show a more confident and perfect image, and at the same time, it also allows men to get greater pleasure when appreciating erotic underwear.