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Introduction: The sexual problem of the sexy underwear of slightly fat girls

Micro -fat girls face many problems when choosing sexy underwear, such as no suitable size, uncomfortable after being put on, and so on.Therefore, micro -fat girls often feel trouble when buying sexy underwear.So as an expert in sexy underwear self -operated stores, I will introduce you to how to buy sexy underwear suitable for fat girls.

Understand your size

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first problem of slightly fat girls is the size.It is recommended to measure the bust, waist and hips first, and refer to the size of the brand to select the appropriate size. If the size is not standard, a better way is to go to the physical store to try it out.

Select the sexy underwear with wide shoulder straps

The figure of the slightly fat girl must be better supported, so it is best to choose a wide -shoulder strap style when choosing a sexy underwear, so that it can better support and reduce the burden of the shoulders.

Recommended side -in -type sexy underwear

Fat girls are usually slightly tilted on the hips, so it is recommended to choose a side -type sexy underwear. It can enhance your hip lines and better shape your curve beauty.

Avoid abdominal sexy underwear

Although the abdominal sexy underwear can adjust the body shape, it is not suitable for slightly fat girls.Abdominal underwear will cause too much pressure on the body when wearing, making you feel uncomfortable.

Choose sexy underwear with a bracket

Micro -fat girls are best to choose a style with a bracket when choosing a sexy underwear, which can better support the chest and make the body look more well -proportioned.

Don’t pursue too high waistline

Some fat girls will choose too high waistlines when choosing sexy underwear, which is actually an unwise choice.This choice will bring you some unnecessary sense of restrictions.

Choose good quality sexy underwear brands

Buying a good quality of sexy underwear brands is equally important, to choose a reliable brand.Fabrics and Workmanship of good -quality brand products can better meet your needs.

Appropriate color and style

Color and style are one of the two most important factors when choosing sexy underwear.Especially for slightly fat girls, the choice of color and style is crucial, which can directly affect the creation of beauty and figure.

With other clothing and accessories

Although sexy underwear is a shameful accessory, it can also be used as a daily dress.When you wear skirts or shorts, you can choose a suitable sexy underwear to highlight your personality and beauty, and cooperate with other clothing and accessories.

Conclusion: The sexy underwear suitable for slightly fat girls needs to pay attention to many factors

As a fat girl, it is not easy to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.You need to notice the details of multiple aspects, including carefully measurement and color and style choice of size.If you can do these aspects, you will be able to find a sexy underwear that suits you and show your sexy and beautiful.

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