Falling underwear is torn

Falling underwear is torn

Falling underwear is torn

Sex underwear is a sexy and romantic attempt for many women, but in practice, they sometimes have problems.This story tells how a woman patiently handle her sexy underwear to tear.

New start of sexy underwear

At the beginning of this story, a woman is buying a sexy underwear for her husband, and she wants to give him an unforgettable gift.During the purchase process, she fancy a red lace panties. After trying it on, she was very satisfied and thought it was a perfect choice.

Tear in underwear

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When the woman returned home, she showed her husband’s sexy underwear.The husband liked underwear very much, but when he wanted to take off, he accidentally torn it.The woman was very angry, but was also worried that his husband would be dissatisfied with her choice.

Treatment of the torn underwear

This woman knows that she needs to solve this problem, but she doesn’t know how to start.She browsed some online forums and blogs and asked about how to deal with sexy underwear to deal with it.She found a lot of useful information, one of which was about fiber glue.

Try to repair underwear

She began to try to use fiber glue to repair underwear. This needs to work very carefully and carefully, because fibrous glue is easy to stick together, making the underwear look bad.But she insisted that she tried to repair her underwear, because for her, this was a way to show her love husband.

The result of sexy underwear repair

After several hours of attempt, the woman successfully repaired underwear.When she showed her repairs to her husband, he was surprised and said that the underwear looked like a new one.The woman was glad that she successfully repaired her underwear, and her husband was also grateful to her intentions.

Quality is the key

Although the woman successfully repaired her underwear, she felt some dissatisfaction.She realized that the quality of erotic underwear is very important, because only good quality and sexy underwear can make people feel comfortable and confident when using.She began to pay more attention to the reputation of sexy underwear and manufacturers.


Choose a more professional way of buying

This woman began to buy underwear in a professional sexy underwear store, including Bravop, Victoria’s Secret and other well -known brands.She also pays more attention to the reputation of the manufacturer to ensure the quality and durability of the underwear.She found that better quality underwear is more suitable for her and her partner, and makes them feel more confident and sexy.

Keep the underwear fresh and clean

This woman also learned the appropriate protection method of sexy underwear.She began to learn how to clean and preserve underwear correctly to maintain their freshness and aesthetics.She used the dust cover in the place where the underwear was stored to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt.


For a woman who wants to try sexy underwear, it is important to understand the importance of maintaining underwear and choosing high -quality brands.In addition, if your sexy underwear is torn, it is also a good solution to try to repair underwear.Keeping your own underwear clean, comfortable and confident is the real purpose of using sexy underwear.